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Re: [greenwichcyclists] Cycling - Cutty Sark Gardens

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  • rob.z.wood@uk.pwc.com
    Well i did a quick headcount this morning (8:10am) - 10 bikes in the lift, 3 walked, 3 scooted and 4 rode (including 1 that rode ride into the lift !!!).
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 7, 2012
      Well i did a quick headcount this morning (8:10am)  - 10 bikes in the lift, 3 walked, 3 scooted and 4 rode (including 1 that rode ride into the lift !!!).

      Francis Sedgemore <francis@...>
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      Re: [greenwichcyclists] Cycling - Cutty Sark Gardens


      A grumpy 47.9 year-old fixie rider writes...

      I don't use the tunnel on a daily basis, but in the past few weeks I have on numerous occasions negotiated the tunnel during the evening peak. My own rough figures are as follows: full-on riders ~10%; scooters ~15%; real fixies <2%.

      Cycling through the tunnel is a significant problem, but I challenge any assertion that a majority of cyclists are doing this. Again, the devil is in the detail. When it comes to dialogue with Greenwich Council, we must pay attention to that detail in our arguments. Let us not degenerate to the level of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, which recently claimed to great PR fanfare that more than half of cyclists jump red lights.


      On 1 Jun 12, at 12:39,
      rob.z.wood@... wrote:

      > I'm working up to telling them off. Thick skin isn;t one of my strengths!
      > When I say "increasing proportion" I am comparing it to
      > a) The time there were lift attendants (and who would watch cameras
      and refuse entry to riders)
      > b) The time the lifts were out (presumably when these people were
      too lazy to use the tunnel
      > but it has gone from the odd rider "back in the day" to
      maybe 50% during the lift outage to more than half of the people coming out of my lift getting on and pedalling away. I'd venture to suggest that more are riding full on rather than scooting thorugh but then that may be a symptom of the increasing fashionability of fixies (though most of them seem to be going for the LOOK rather than the function of a fixed wheel). OK - I'm probably a grumpy old Hector....

      Dr Francis Sedgemore
      journalist and science writer

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