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It pays to register your bike

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  • Anthony Austin
    From: MPS Press Bureau [mailto:mpspressbureau@btconnect.com] Sent: 23 May 2012 10:48 Subject: Value of registering bicycles - latest from NSY Cycle Task Force
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      From: MPS Press Bureau [mailto:mpspressbureau@...]
      Sent: 23 May 2012 10:48
      Subject: Value of registering bicycles - latest from NSY

      Cycle Task Force reunite owner with stolen bike registered on

      The owner of a stolen Brompton bike, which was security marked and
      registered on Bikeregister.com by the Cycle Task Force, has been
      reunited with it this week.

      The six gear Brompton cycle was stolen when the victim left it locked in
      Islington Green on 20 January this year.

      However, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Cycle Task Force, part of
      the Transport for London funded Safer Transport Command, marked the bike
      on 18 October 2011 after the owner visited one of their marking events
      they held at East Finchley Underground Station. The details of the bike
      were registered on Bikeregister.com, the preferred cycle register for
      the MPS.

      Officers from the Cycle Task Force then searched an address in Newham on
      Friday 18 May and found the stolen six gear Brompton, along with another
      Brompton that was also reported stolen.

      The six gear Brompton had a chemical etching applied by the Cycle Task
      Force, which was checked on the Bikeregister.com database, providing
      details of the bike's owner and allowing the Cycle Task Force to reunite
      them with the recovered bike.

      The second Brompton was reported stolen from Aldwych on Tuesday 20

      A 43-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods
      and bailed to return in June.

      Cycle Task Force Inspector Peter Salter, said: "The Cycle Task Force
      carry out regular bike security marking events across London and we are
      delighted that as a result, we are able to return a stolen bike to their
      rightful owner.

      "This highlights how reporting crime to police and keeping information
      about items registered on property databases, up-to-date, assists police
      in restoring property to their rightful owners.

      "We advise any cyclist to follow 'the three R's' - record the details of
      their bike, register them onto the MPS preferred property database
      www.bikeregister.com and report any theft to the police. These are
      simple steps that all cyclists should take so that if their bike is
      stolen they stand a good chance of being reunited with it.

      "Bike thieves should be aware that we will use the full powers of the
      law and range of tactics to track them down and bring them before the

      Siwan Hayward, Deputy Director of Community Safety, Enforcement and
      Policing at Transport for London, said: "This is yet another positive
      result from the Cycle Task Force, who on a daily basis work extremely
      hard to minimise bike theft in the capital, and demonstrates the
      importance of cyclists registering their bike details.

      "With the Mayor's cycling revolution leading to an increase in ridership
      in recent years, we will continue to work with the Metropolitan Police
      to ensure that London remains a safe and secure place for cyclists to

      Andrew Knights, MD of Bikeregister, said: "This recovery shows the
      importance of applying a permanent visible mark to a valuable bike and
      then registering that code along with the serial number and bike details
      on a secure Home Office-approved database such as BikeRegister that is
      regularly referred to and searched by the Police."

      "A particular problem the Police have, which BikeRegister solves, is
      tracing a genuine owner when suspect stolen bikes are identified or
      recovered. We are very pleased that yet another bike has been returned
      to its rightful owner thanks to the successful partnership of the MPS
      Cycle Task Force working together with BikeRegister."

      Notes to editor:

      - The Cycle Task Force team work alongside the 32 local borough Safer
      Transport and Safer Neighbourhoods teams, who also run sessions on bike
      safety, marking and registration and give London's cyclists advice on
      how to lock up their bikes securely in order to deter cycle theft;
      - BikeRegister are the MPS preferred cycle register for London;
      - Since June 2010, the MPS have registered over 23000 bikes on
      Bikeregister.com. Over 13000 of these were cycle security marked and
      registered by the Cycle Task Force;
      - The Cycle Security Plan produced by TfL, British Transport Police,
      City of London Police and Metropolitan Police Service sets out what we
      have done, and plan to do, to prevent and deter cycle theft and criminal
      - The Cycle Task Force work with the Payback Unit using Proceeds of
      Crime Act to deprive criminals of their assets gained through cycle
      - The MPS Safer Transport Command fights crime on buses, tackles illegal
      taxi touts and assists with the control of traffic congestion. There are
      now around 2,000 uniformed officers in the unit, which is part funded by
      - We encourage cyclists to Follow the Three Rs:

      Keep a record of the frame number, make and any other marks that can
      identify your bike if it stolen. The Cycle Taskforce run a number of
      bike marking events, details can be found at

      Register your bike details onto online property databases such as
      Bikeregister.com. This will help the police return any recovered bikes
      to the rightful owners

      If your bike is stolen in London, please report this to the Metropolitan
      Police Service by calling 101 or online at www.online.met.police.uk In
      an emergency dial 999. If you are a victim of bike theft and you suspect
      your bike is being sold, do not arrange to meet the seller, contact the
      police, quoting your crime reference number.


      For further information please contact the MPS Press Bureau on 020 7230
      2171 or visit our website at www.met.police.uk/pressbureau
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