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Re: [greenwichcyclists] Cycling at Cutty Sark Gardens

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  • rob.z.wood@uk.pwc.com
    Possibly some new intelligence (poor choice of word...). I decided to play the game and join the east west route via Creek Road. I road along the bike
    Message 1 of 8 , May 17, 2012

      Possibly some new "intelligence" (poor choice of word...).  I decided to play the game and join the "east west" route via Creek Road. I road along the bike path (actually West-East!). As I got to the new slabbed area, maybe 50 yards from the tunnel I saw whjat looked like a new sign (still inside the safety fence) saying "no skating, skateboarding, cycling, walk for 125m".  If I were pedantic I would point out that the sign was very high up and not clearly in a cyclist's/skater's line of sight. No "wardens" in evidence at 8:15....

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      Many thanks for this. I hope this absurd situation is resolved soon.


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      Many of us have been dismayed by the recent attempt to prohibit cycling across Cutty Sark Gardens (CSG). Especially coming so soon after the much-delayed opening of the foot tunnel lifts and their little "teething problems".
      The situation as we understand it today is as follows. The many Environmental Service Wardens from the Borough have been instructed to prevent cycling in a north-south direction on either side of the Cutty Sark. They have declared that they are allowing cycling east-west, that is in front of the tunnel entrance. Greenwich Cyclists is seeking urgent clarification from several parties as to the status of the apparent ban on cycling on the north-south route. This is not only a vital, and growing, commuter route but is clearly shown as permitted for "responsible cycling" in official publications (TfL Cycling Guide 7).
      We do not expect an immediate resolution. In the meantime front-line officers of the Borough are in a typically difficult situation. They appear to have been given powers to issue FPNs. They clearly are finding the huge use of the newly refurbished tunnel very unexpected. They are not there just to target cyclists but also to control the expected crowds of pedestrians and to prevent skate-boarding. Some of us at Greenwich Cyclists have spent time politely discussing the absurdity of the current situation with these Wardens. Maybe many more of us can find time to do the same, until we have answers from their chiefs.
      Ian Blore, on behalf of Greenwich Cyclists

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