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Re: [greenwichcyclists] CS4 meeting notes from 10 Nov

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    A point to be aware of is that the Friends of Southwark Park have been complaining for some time about dangerous cyclists in the Park, although there seems to
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      A point to be aware of is that the Friends of Southwark Park have been complaining for some time about dangerous cyclists in the Park, although there seems to be little actual evidence of this according to the Wardens who have been patrolling the area.



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      Subject: [greenwichcyclists] CS4 meeting notes from 10 Nov


      Dear All,

      I’m just catching up on things following the Bow roundabout issue and other last minute problems. Here the notes from the brief meeting we had regarding CS4. It would be good to find some common ground amongst the local groups concerned and (particularly relevant to Southwark) match it with what we want in the wider London Bridge area.

      CS4 meeting 10 Nov 2011

      Present: Rik Andrew, Jane Davis, Anthony Austin, Gerhard Weiss

      We started to work our way outwards from London Bridge but made more general comments towards the end of the meeting.

      I tried to capture some of the comments on a map http://g.co/maps/tnqws. It’s public, so feel free to add.

      London Bridge:

      CS4 programme should:

      include a link to Southwark bridge (possibly via Newcomer st. Union st = make Newcomer St. 2-way/mode filtered)

      address London Bridge itself (very high motor capacity funnelled through to Borough High St .)

      Link to Tower Bridge : Queen Elizabeth street not good enough, take turning bans away at Tooley St.

      We were unsure whether St Thomas St would be returned to two way after Shard Traffic reduction on Tooley St. One way systems around the railway were thought to be a problem

      Tooley St. – Rotherhithe roundabout

      Rik made the case for a two way track all the way with a crossing at the entrance to Southwark Park . It would benefit from being on the river side where there are few major crossings and more potential for turning bans and mode filters.

      But the issue of priority over side roads was flagged up

      There would be several locations where cyclists could bypass traffic lights

      Things would get trickier towards the London bridge end where space is tight and the turning movements at London Bridge would have to be managed

      Rik has obviously thought this through and there was general nodding in agreement around the table.

      There was agreement that the central reservation on Jamaica rd ought to be removed

      Rotherhithe roundabout

      There was agreement that this is a major barrier and that it should go or at least be single lane. It is not only a difficult and fast junction; its high motor capacity undermines cycling improvements on the roads it connects to

      But there was also agreement that we should not wait for the roundabout to be removed.

      To bypass the roundabout on the south-west side was thought to be a good idea with potential to also bypass the bus stop there.

      There should be a ‘green’ alternative route through Southwark Park (not available 24/7)

      Surrey Quays

      Strong support to remove gyratory; certainly the A200 should be two way;

      Access to retail park to be made into a simple junction without two lane slip road

      There are lots of railings to be removed

      Greenwich gyratory

      Plans for a re-design appear to be on hold at the moment. Apparently there is a LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games) option that proposes to open one side of the gyratory to pedestrians. We would support this provided cycling was permitted.

      There was a general point about right turns at major intersections. In Holland they tend to do this in two stages without the need to filter into the middle of the junction (often both is provided). Apparently there were plans to trial this at the CS5/CS7 intersection. Gerhard to check with TfL how this is going.


      I think it would be good to have another meeting addressing problems further out. I propose meeting maybe in Greenwich . What about the Armada centre? Could we access it outside the Greenwich meeting times?

      All the best


      Gerhard Weiss

      Cycling Development Officer

      t: 020 7234 9310 ext 211

      m: 07894 035 571



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