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Pedal Power 15: leafletting/Women's Festival/TW/etc

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  • masonb
    Nick plans to have PP15 ready Friday. We ve not done a proper rush hour leaflet/cycle count for several months and this mission has no pay, will be cold and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31 2:40 PM
      Nick plans to have PP15 ready Friday.

      We've not done a proper rush hour leaflet/cycle count for several months and
      this mission has no pay, will be cold and dark, will face unknown hazards
      and temptations, will take you away from your loved ones, will test your
      inner resources, but if you make it back the sense of achievement and kudos
      will stay forever......but for goodness sake it's only Greenwich next
      Tuesday 6 November from 7am-9am. A couple of us leaflet bikes at the foot
      tunnel, a couple on Creek Bridge. We'll reach up to 400 bikes that way.

      Leafleting is very enjoyable, great for the CV, effective, and we need
      the survey numbers for the Lewisham traffic calming consultation, and for
      Southwark's off-road Evelyn St/Surrey Canal Road/South Bermondsey station
      possible disused railway line scheme cut-thro, and for TfL commuter route

      Meet at just before 7am at the foot tunnel entrance........do the two hours
      or turn up for whatever you can. Mail me direct if you can help. Thanks.
      Thanks to Karen and Kate, Kate today delivered the £500 bid to run 9 (yup)
      by and for women during March's International Women's Festival.
      Woolwich events, classes and more rides. IWF2002 is on the agenda for next
      Wednesday's monthly meeting. Agenda out over the weekend.
      Looks like there'll be at least 20 people at Herne Hill Saturday. Peter
      Wright there today confirmed all is ready and the track has just been
      scrubbed. Weather looking good, so far. Meet 11am Cutty Sark, or there
      around 1pm
      10am sharp Liverpool Street station Sunday........for 10.10 train to
      Manningtree...........Constable's Flatford Mill.......then the coast. 30 or
      very flat ones.
      Thames Water are to make us a financial offer to supervise the Crossness bit
      of Thames Path.......we'll discuss it Wednesday.

      great to take afternoon off work (who was that person on the brand new
      yellow Specialized road bike I alongsided in Charlton and rode to
      Bricklayers Arms with?) and go to Tate Britain/Millbank for intense
      afternoon on history and just open £40m new set of north-west galleries.
      Speakers inc'd Nick Serota (hero), Michael Wood, Stephen Poliakoff, Nicholas
      Hytner (NT Director from 2003) and loads
      more. Wonderful goose-bump moment when psychotherapist Adam Phillips made
      the entire no-vacancy audience of 500 blush and squirm as he described in a
      deft sentence how and what all of us drift off and fantasize about while
      to Tate lectures....and everything else.

      Anyway, you've no right to expect Tate Modern gasps of these new galleries,
      mostly carved out of basement old stores, by subtle John Miller......but
      there are a couple........the ramp down off Atterbury Street at the west of
      the site reminds of the ramp into Tate Modern, the stair head seems to refer
      to the Clore next door, the seamless join to the Duveen spine. Quietly
      efficient stirling stuff.

      And the 9 rooms of Victorian nudes are a must.
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