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RE: [greenwichcyclists] Foxhole Subway

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  • paul.mcquillen@bt.com
    Hi everyone. I know a bit about the history of this area over the past 30 years and will give you more details ASAP. I remember reading about the Foxhole
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      Hi everyone.

      I know a bit about the history of this area over the past 30 years and will give you more details ASAP.

      I remember reading about the Foxhole subway closure but thought it was a temporary measure.





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      I've just looked at the stats relating to crime in that area:


      If you scroll in you can see that there have been no reported criminal offences for that road and the underpass. Surely if there had been problems with this then it would have been accurately represented on the map? And has our friend Jeff Horsman provided a business case for TfL because there is no evidence from this reply that he has, in which case has there been any consultation with local stakeholders?

      Best wishes


      On Mar 15, 2011, Tom Crispin <tom@...> wrote:


      Foxhole subway is a right-of-way under the A2 Rochester Way Relief
      Road. It connects two parts of Eltham divided by the motorway class
      road. It is also a useful and pleasant link to Eltham bus and rail

      In October 2009 it was locked for no apparent reason. TfL have just
      responded to a query of mine, see below:


      Dear Mr Crispin

      Thank you for your email dated 16 February 2011 regarding the closure
      of the Foxhole subway under the A2. Please accept my sincerest
      apologies for the delay in responding to your request.

      I have investigated the issue on your behalf and have been informed
      that the subway at Foxhole Road was closed in October 2009 at the
      request of Greenwich Council and the local Police, following
      persistent problems with Anti-Social Behaviour, muggings and lesser

      Before agreeing to close the subway Transport for London (TfL) asked
      Greenwich Council to provide a ‘business case’ for the closure having
      liaised with all relevant stakeholders, and to provide a point of
      contact for all related future enquiries. The contact at London
      Borough of Greenwich Council is Jeff Horsman, who may be contact on
      the following number:

      020 8921 5576.

      I hope that the above information proves useful to your enquiry. I
      apologise for being of no further assistance in this case. I thank you
      once again for your correspondence and wish you all the best in your
      future enquiries.

      Yours sincerely

      Alexander Jackson Customer Service Advisor


      Were Greenwich Cyclists consulted over the closing of yet another

      Location Map:
      http://tinyurl.com/67u2h59 from:

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