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Fw: Dump the Pump for Good - it's happening!

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  • Christopher Le Breton
    Cyclists of Greenwich! How about we meet at Cutty Sark Gardens at 7.00 for ride to Peckham, and meet other groups there! and then on from there at 7,30 into
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2000
      Cyclists of Greenwich!
      How about we meet at Cutty Sark Gardens at 7.00 for ride to Peckham, and meet other groups there! and then on from there at 7,30 into Central London.  We will be finished by 08.30am so that this does not interfere with work!
      Any comments or suggestions?!
      Come back to me!
      Chris  Le Breton
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      Subject: Dump the Pump for Good - it's happening!

      From the urbancyclist-uk e-mail list
      Announcing that the "Dump The Pump For Good!" bike ride is going ahead in London this coming Tuesday morning - and it's a 7.30am start!
      This is a bit of seriously last-minute "non-organisation" (in the best critical mass tradition of "non-organisation").  So, a big request to everyone who receives this mailing to pass it on to anyone you know, both to existing regular cyclists, and to anyone you are working at persuading to make the switch to the bicycle.  This is the time to go for it!   Also, if you're going to the regular London critical mass tomorrow  evening (last Friday of the month as ever - 5.45pm outside the National Film Theatre cafe, underneath Waterloo Bridge on the south bank) and can pick up some leaflets to distribute (or can pass on this request to others), the more word-spreading the better!
      Finally, any volunteers up for doing some media stuff?  If so, please phone rather than emailing - I only have slightly erratic access to email.  Call 020 7633 9509 over the weekend, or 01865 810451 on Monday.
      Roger Geffen
      Leaflet text:
      Morning mass bike ride into Central London
      Tuesday August 1st 7.30am
      Pump Up The Volume
      On 1st August, Britain's "poor beleagured motorists" will hold a protest at "crippling" petrol taxes.  They are being urged to "Dump The Pump" by refusing to fill up from petrol stations on 1st August (presumably doing so on 31st July instead!)
      We are suposed to believe that Dump the Pump is a spontaneous grass roots campaign by motorists communicating over the internet.  But one of the creators of the Dump the Pump website also writes for the Association of British Drivers, a rabidly right-wing pro-motorist organisation.  And their endeavour would have made little headway if it hadn't been fuelled by tabloids like the Daily Mail and The Sun.
      Dump The Pump - For Good
      As every cyclist, skater, pedestrian and public transport users knows, motorists could liberate themselves from the spiral of petrol duty prices and the stress of traffic jams.  So let's show them how, and give them an opportunity to join in, with a festive fuel-free bike ride into Central London that morning.
      Five rides will set off from all corners of London at 7.30am, converging in Trafalgar Square, around 8.15 - 8.30 for a quick breakfast (bring some food to share!)
      Meeting Points
      North London: Highbury Fields (nr Highbury Corner); East London: London Fields, Hackney (by Pub on the Park); South East London: Peckham High Street, opposite northern end of Peckham Rye; South West London: Clapham Common (south side, next to Windmill Inn); West London: Shepherds Bush Green.
      "Urban Cyclist" - urban-cyclist-uk@...
      "Critical Mass" - http://come.to/londoncm/
      Reclaim the Streets - 020 7281 4621
      European Car Free Day: Friday 22nd September (streets closed to motor traffic in Lambeth, Southwark, Camden and Merton) - www.22september.org
      For the other side's story:
      Association of British Drivers - www.abd.org.uk
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