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Fw: "We Love Woolwich"

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    My son sent me http://welovewoolwich.co.uk/content/htdocs/modules/myalbum/photo.php?lid=190  this link. Amazing photos of buildings in Woolwich which I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2010
       this link. Amazing photos of buildings in Woolwich which I didn't even know existed.  There's an Art Deco Co-Op building about to be demolished.  English Heritage recommended it be kept.  Please sign the petition objecting...
      Kind regards

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      Subject: "We Love Woolwich"
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      Date: Sunday, 17 January, 2010, 22:24

      There's a we love Woolwich fan club on facebook Sasha and there's a petition to stop the Co-Op building being demolished in Woolwich Town Centre.
      Check it out... English Heritage say it should be kept... There's some amazing photos of it... Ben sent me the link below...


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