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  • Barry Mason
    Info. Barry ... Subject: 2512 and yesterdays news Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 10:34:14 +0000 From: Barry Mason To: Southwark Cyclists
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      Subject: 2512 and yesterdays news
      Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 10:34:14 +0000
      From: Barry Mason <barrymasonuk@...>
      To: Southwark Cyclists <southwarkcyclists@yahoogroups.com>

      25 December and 20 of us at Cutty Sark Gardens another 45 or so at
      Southwark Needle. Lovely cheerful mix. South bank through Battersea
      Park, long pause at the very comfortable Duke's Head on Putney
      riverside. Over Putney Bridge and Chelsea riverside to Sloane Square,
      Hyde Park and 28 lunched in the reliable Edgware Road cafe for lunch at
      2.30pm. Six of us got to London Bridge. Some pubbed, we went home. Fine day.

      No one at Southwark Needle 9am yesterday. Spotted new cycle parking sign
      on the Weston Street/Tooley junction. No opening date even yet.
      Riverroute east. Bad fire has done a lot of damage to the top floor of
      the lovely converted warehouse Danish timeshares on Randall's Rent
      behind the Ship and Handbag. The police tape sealing off the gunnell at
      9.20am had gone by 3pm.

      At last the steps that take you from the Thames Path into Pepys Park
      have reopened. There's a wheeling ramp on the left-hand downside.
      A right-hand twin would have been good.

      Then 9 of us at Cutty Sark Gardens. And noticed a helipad has suddenly
      appeared just inside the CO2's riverside fence....for Sir Elton John's
      landing for his New Year's Eve concert. Pathetic. I've just phoned the
      duty planner at Greenwich Council to ensure the pad has planning
      permission...but Peggy Middleton House is powercut dark. Try later.

      Bad research on my part got us to the closed Mudchute Kitchen but The
      Waterman's Arms £6.50 Sunday roast was fine in their Victorian
      elaborata. Bikes in the secure garden.

      Tower Bridge and 6 of us to the Dog and Bell.

      On riverside way to Rainham Marshes Saturday....path closure signs
      before Tilda Rice have been there months so yet again we ignored
      them....they've reinforced the closure so you can no longer just duck
      under the scaffoldtubes....climbing round the end of the two barriers is
      easy. This work has taken far too long. Here:

      RSPB reserve have another 500 metres of boardwalk. We sat in a hide for
      30 minutes watching 3 gorgeous snipe 10 metres away.

      Below is a nice 21/12 thank you.

      Away for a few days now but will do something on 10 January and the DLR
      Woolwich opening.

      07905 889 005

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      Subject: Re: Border Patrol Solstice Ride
      To: Night time in Southwark <southwarknights@...

      Hello and thanks for organising the Border Patrol Solstice Ride.

      It was the most memorable occasion

      From the ascent of Gypsy Hill,where I felt sure that my heart was
      about to leap out of my chest.

      the hot chocolate around the fire in the park

      The fantastic route to the river where so much of it was off road

      The river itself was the greatest surprise and the most memorable
      The lights of Canary Wharf to Tower Bridge. I had never cosidered
      the extent of the Southwark river frontage.

      But the cobbles were ruinous to one particular part of my body. Not
      being used to long periods in the saddle I did manage to sit down
      without the aid of a cushion about 12 hours later

      What a great trip and a great introduction to my new bike.

      Thanks once again and thanks to all the other participants

      Particular thanks to Barry Mason and the other Southwark
      Cyclists who made sure that no one was left behind and provided such
      excellent guidance

      If you or southwark cyclists organise anything like this in the future
      Please let me know
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