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Driving licenses and number plates for cyclists.

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  • field_marshal_paul
    A few months ago I was walking along the pavement beside a busy road. I wanted to cross to the other side. Normally I d just walk across but this road was
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2008
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      A few months ago I was walking along the pavement beside a busy road.
      I wanted to cross to the other side. Normally I'd just walk across
      but this road was really busy, so I went to the pedestrian crossing.
      I pressed to button and sure enough, 40 seconds later the lights went
      red, the cars stopped, and the man went green.

      I stepped off the pavement and ................
      twaaack!!!!!!!!!!! ............ I'd been hit by a cyclist.

      Fortunately it wasn't to bad (for me). The handle bars hit my stomach
      but caused little pain. However impacting me they twisted around and
      the cyclist went over the handle bars and crashed head first into the

      He got up and started screaming at me.... He called me a self abuser,
      acused my parents of not being married and asked me to fornicate

      I pointed out to him with a pronouced gesture in the direction of the
      green man. "green man"

      He retorted with a over enphasized pointy gesture, in the direction
      of his bike, "bicycle" implying, green men, don't count for
      cycles, .......... then continued his repotoire of expletives
      directed at me.

      So I punched him in the face,,,,,,,,,,

      Several of the car drivers stopped at the lights gave me the thumbs

      He look at me as if to access, should he retaliate with violence or
      not, then jumped on his bike and rid away at speed.

      Now I have a confession.... I'm a cyclist too. However I'm also a car
      owner and driver. 4 years ago I also passed my advanced driving test.
      Finally I'm a walker and a pedestrian.

      A couple of weeks ago I went down to my local main road. I counter
      the first 30 pedestrians to walk along it. All walked safely. It's
      busy. They went to the Zebra Crossing and sensibly crossed. I counted
      the first hundred cars. 9 were speeding but none did anything really
      silly and all but 7 stopped at the zebra before the pedestrian
      arrived anticipating the pedestrian's movements. Finally I waited for
      20 cyclists to pass. If you include lighting offenses, 50% who passed
      me were breaking a road law eith erby safety or dangerous driving.

      Now being a driver I'm not against people using cycles. But surely as
      they are carriages on the road, they need to pass a driving test and
      display license plate the same as car drivers.
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