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Ride Report - New Ash Green

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  • Paul Taylor
    New Ash Green - Saturday September 29 mm. Slightly grumpy start to this report - sorry. No-one at Cutty Sark Gardens at all for an 8:30 meet designed to give
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      New Ash Green - Saturday September 29

      mm. Slightly grumpy start to this report - sorry.

      No-one at Cutty Sark Gardens at all for an 8:30 meet designed to give us the
      best of the daylight and ensure that we didn't have to take it too quickly.
      Tempted to think that it may have been the fault of the grey start to the
      day that looked set for steady rain after a night's deluge. Check the
      Digital Freeview rolling three-hour forecast folks or the similar thing on
      the Met Office site - that would have clearly shown that the day was going
      to be essentially dry.

      Met up with Ian and Jack at Ladywell Fields and we were off. Stopped at
      Christmas Tree Farm for a coffee. I passed as I'd already had four espressos
      but nibbled on my homemade cycling snack (recipe on request) - Ian turned it
      down but the Farm's Labrador seemed keen enough.

      Over the North Downs to Otford, pootled along the wonderful Pilgrims' Way,
      then hit Wrotham where we had sort of planned to stop at the friendly George
      and Dragon for lunch but its kitchen was closed so the decision was made to
      press on to The Black Horse which I'd been keen to check out anyway. Paused
      in Wrotham awhile to marvel at two local newspaper teaser boards outside a
      newsagents - "row over village pub strippers" read one - short debate about
      whether this would increase the takers for a future ride as long as we
      showed due neutrality by sourcing male strippers for a future visit. The
      other side of the board - "patient's records sent to garden centre" It's all
      happening in rural Kent.

      Off to this ride's unique feature -a clamber up a hillside - may offer a
      free beer to anyone who manages to ride this next time - kind of think my
      wallet will be safe.

      Not unnaturally deserted lanes at the top, then a long glide down to The
      Black Horse. Now more tables, a wonderful view out of the back, decent food,
      though maybe the special had succumbed slightly to the nouvelle cuisine -
      that horrible product of the 80s that brought so much else to choke on. A
      bit unfair - pretty good food, well cooked and well done potatoes brought
      much needed cycling fuel. Jack hit the suet for afters while I savoured the
      beer. We'll almost definitely come here next time. Join us do.

      Up after lunch to pass the wonderfully sited and rather special war memorial
      (so special the original was nicked - what you see now is a copy) then off
      down some more lanes before climbing to New Ash Green. As usual, got
      somewhat lost exploring here for ten minutes or so then off back to the
      country lanes.

      A wrong turning was salvaged by checking the maps and we did at least get
      some nice extra riding through a wood. On to St Mary Cray, shouted at by a
      yob in a slightly ageing black BMW (such nice folk the Germans - pity about
      some of the folk they let drive the things) then back the new improved way
      to head for Lewisham. None of us needed to get back to Cutty Sark Gardens so
      we went through Hither Green, then split near Lewisham High Street.

      Despite two good sociable stops, the evenly matched group had meant we had
      sped along and I was back home just after half past four with the evening
      ahead of me. Oh - it was dry all day and even a fair amount of blue skies
      which brought the shades out.

      Thanks to Ian for taking the pics after my camera packed in. If you want to
      see more pics of this ride, you can check out the gallery for March 2007.
      Hope to see more folk when next do this in 2008.

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