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Re: [greenwichcyclists] Cycle Racks at North Greenwich Station

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  • Henrietta Englefield
    Thanks Chris for this, and hope Dave can push things along with LU. Clearly this a critical issue so as to help encourage more people to consider cycling to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 31, 2001
      Thanks Chris for this, and hope Dave can push things along with LU.
      Clearly this a critical issue so as to help encourage more people to
      consider cycling to the station rather than driving (now that you can
      park cars near the station). There is also quite a lot of space around
      the existing cycle racks which could be developed, or change a couple of
      car park spaces to cycle parking - more efficient use of space. When
      the Millennium Village is complete demand for cycle parking could be
      considerable. Anyone who has visited Cambridge railway station will
      know what I mean....

      Please also all note that the cycle path around the Dome is still
      closed. The Mercury this week is running a big story on the delayed
      opening of the path and Greenwich Cyclists' campaign to get it open as
      soon as possible. Read your friendly local paper!

      Can I encourage everyone to write to the Council to encourage them to
      put a lot of pressure on English Partnerships to get the work done to
      open the path as soon as possible. You can also e-mail Ralph Luck, the
      director of the Dome site for English Partnerships who is responsible
      for the site:


      Tell him to open the path now, and ask why he has not organised EP to
      open the path by the deadline required under the planning regulations.
      The path was supposed to open by 30 June at the latest. There is now no
      official opening date.

      In message <002a01c119ae$977f70c0$5893fea9@UKsolgju98>, Christopher Le
      Breton <lebreton@...> writes
      >For information, and any other suggestions or comments?!
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      >From: David Moorhouse
      >To: Christopher Le Breton
      >Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2001 10:28 AM
      >Subject: Re: FORCE MAJEUR - Cycle Racks at North Greenwich Station
      >Thank you for the information. I have a meeting arranged for next week with
      >Delroy Douglas who is the LU station manager. He seems to think it is his
      >responsibility. I am also about to email him to ask that no bikes are removed
      >from railings and that the warning signs are removed.
      >David Moorhouse
      >Christopher Le Breton wrote:
      > David
      > I visited the possible sites at the North Greenwich tube station on Sunday
      > 1, rear of WHSmithThere is plenty of space I agree, but I have a concern that
      >it won't work in practice. Cyclists will have to enter into the bus station
      >concourse and exit again, crossing perpendicular a flow of people hurrying from
      >buses to the tube. And in damp/wet weather, there will be a trail of grime and
      >water across the concourse, which is likely to turn bus passengers off, and
      >require more cleaning of the concourse. I don't think that cyclists will take to
      >cycling up to the Dome and turning 180 degrees back on themselves to enter via
      >the taxi stand.
      > 2. opposite LT information stand
      > The other side of the bus station, opposite to the London Transport
      >Information stand, next to the windows would strike me as a better option, and
      >one of the staff of the London Transport Info Unit (who I discovered cycles from
      >Lewisham) agreed. Moreover the staff in the kiosk could keep an eye on the bike
      >racks too, and help prevent theft. Perhaps we could have a CCTV screen in the
      >kiosk too. This is currently a private area for London buses, and the emergency
      >exit doors for the station are nearby too. There looks to be quite enough
      >space, but Health and Safety would need to be consulted. This area could be
      >easily accessed from the road, and would be enhanced by a dedicated cycle track
      >segregating bikes and controlling their crossover with buses entering and
      >leaving the bus station.
      > At midday yesterday I arrived at the tube station by bike, to find there were
      >NO parking spaces left for bikes. I was forced to lock mine to the barriers
      >which are clearly signed "bikes are not to be locked to these railings". There
      >was nowhere else to go, and I had a meeting in London I could not afford to
      >miss. I alerted the booking clerks to what I had done as I entered the tube,
      >and spoke to the North Greenwich Station supervisor JayJohn about this on my
      >return. David, we need a decision made very soon (by London Buses?) to provide
      >additional bike parking capacity, either in the car park or on some of the
      >railings until we create the long term solution, above. Can you take this up as
      >a matter of urgency? Apparently the land is still owned by English Partnerships,
      >but London Underground (LUL) is due to take ownership of the building shortly.
      >Meanwhile London Buses are the tenant of LUL, so that discussion over this issue
      >has to be dealt with through London Buses who will bring in London Underground
      >(represented by Steve Charlick, Group Safety Manager, Canary Wharf Underground
      >Station, Heron Quays Rd, London E14 4HF; email: charlist@...). I
      >don't know who the is the responsible contact in London Buses, but hope the
      >above helps you David.
      > I look forward to hearing from you shortly.
      > Yours Chris Le Breton

      Henrietta Englefield
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