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Fwd: Climate chaneg event

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  • Julian Dobson
    I received a phone call today from Thames & Central Energy Efficiency Advice Centre, asking if we can staff a stall at their Climate Change event on 16th
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2007
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      I received a phone call today from Thames & Central Energy Efficiency
      Advice Centre, asking if we can staff a stall at their Climate Change
      event on 16th June. It fits in with Bike Week, but is very short
      notice, and I for one will be leading a ride. If anybody is
      interested/able to staff a this event, could you email the group. If
      not, I said that we could provide some leaflets

      Julian Dobson
      07771 692 344


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      > From: "pari" <pari@...>
      > Date: 11 June 2007 14:59:33 BST
      > To: <julian@...>
      > Subject: Climate chaneg event
      > Dear Julian, 
      > Many thanks for talking with me this morning.  Further to our
      > telephone communication, I am writing more information about the event
      > on 16th June at the National Maritime Museum for your consideration. 
      > Currently, we have organised a series of climate change events in
      > different boroughs, such as Bexley, Hackney and Hammersmith.  This
      > one taking place in Greenwich is the most important one as the
      > National Maritime Museum (NMM) is a very popular and international
      > resort in London.  Generally, there are 3000-70000 people visiting
      > there during weekend.  Therefore, both our organisation and the
      > NMM are working hard on this project and hope to provide the public
      > with multiphase information.  
      > In addition to the subject of saving energy, we also invited other
      > green organisations to diversify the contents on saving resources,
      > recycling and travel wisely.   
      > With this concern, since the London Cycling Campaign has long enjoyed
      > the enormous reputation on encouraging people to cycle in London, it
      > would be fantastic to have your involvement.  Therefore, we would
      > appreciate if you could kindly arrange your representatives to attend
      > our event.  We believed that all the tourists will be more happy to
      > see your stand there.  Many thanks.
      > ·   Date: 16th of June 2007, 10 am ~4 pm
      > ·   Location: National Maritime Museum in Greenwich (NMM)
      >    Park Row, London  SE10 9NF
      >    -  The external location is The Stanhope Entrance: vehicle display
      >     -  Internal location is called the Upper Deck, Neptune Court:
      > manned display stands
      > ·    Green groups that team up with this event:
      > a.      Thames and Central Energy efficiency Advice Centre
      > b.      National energy Foundation
      > c.   National Maritime Museum
      > d.   Greenpeace
      > e.       Zipcar
      > ·   Green groups that are able to provide materials for display and
      > handout:
      > a.      Flipside Vision –200 climate change calendars  
      > b.      Greenenergy- 2000 leaflets and 8 posters that gave simple tips
      > on saving energy
      > c.      Ekover Company- Literature about chemicals in our environment.
      > Look forward hearing from you and sorry about this short notice.
      > Kind regards
      > Evelyn H-C Chou
      > Business and Marketing Advisor
      > Thames & Central Energy Efficiency Advice Centre
      > (Tel: 020 8855 5533 Fax: 020 8855 4663)
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