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Southwark joining Green Chain? (An American in Greenwich)

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  • Barry Mason
    The Green Chain is a string of parks etc in south-east London connected by 40 miles of paths. The 4 boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich and Lewisham run
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2007
      The Green Chain is a string of parks etc in south-east London connected
      by 40 miles of paths. The 4 boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich and
      Lewisham run (walk) it between themselves.

      Southwark Cyclists and others (Philip Colvin in the lead) have been
      lobbying gently to get Southwark Council into the club and the Green
      Chain extended west into our fair land. And the council now is opting
      in. See below.

      Excellent. Only connect.

      We rode bits of the Green Chain our Quaggy explore last Sunday. We'll do
      more int summer. Pedestrians have priority.

      More about the Green Chain here:

      Very worth exploring. Huge local asset.

      And someone should tell dear old Greenwich Council that American Blue
      Jays are never ever seen on the Green Chain. Our own native jays
      (wonderfully Latin tagged garrulus glandarius) are actually much more
      beautiful if less pushy:

      Blue Jay Way was a George Harrison song on the Beatles Magical Mystery
      Tour.....but I much prefer the name Green Chain.

      07905 889 005
      Afterworker tonight: 6.30pm. Southwark Needle.

      I started fine this morning. My coffee didn't seem to be contaminated. Hah.

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      Dear Friend

      Councillor Lewis Robinson has just given me the amazing news that at its
      recent budget meeting Southwark Council approved revenue funding for our
      membership of the Green Chain. This amounts to the £15,000 a year or so
      for Southwark's share of the funding for the Green Chain Officer's post.
      It also approved a capital sum of £150,000, which would fund the high
      and medium priority works in the consultants' report. I have not seen
      the details of the decision, but plainly this is the most wonderful shot
      in the arm for the scheme.

      In January, Southwark's application to the officers' working party of
      the Green Chain Joint Committee received a warm response, although the
      officers are to write to Southwark with suggestions etc. prior to
      Southwark's application to the Green Chain Joint Committee itself, which
      is now programmed for September, I understand.

      So there is still a little way to go, but I am beginning to permit
      myself just a little hope that we are nearly there.

      Question: would you be up for a nice, impromptu spring walk to celebrate
      this success and get to know each other a little better, followed by a
      cup of tea at the Horniman or the Picture Gallery, perhaps? Or do you
      fancy a sponsored walk in the early autumn, say, to raise money for
      benches along the way. Perhaps each group would like to raise enough
      money to pay for a bench in its own green space, with a small plaque
      commemorating these happy events? Do let me know -- there is no
      constitution, so we can make it up as we go along! One great advantage
      of an event would be to demonstrate to the current Green Chain members
      that we would be a vigorous and positive addition to their club.

      You might wish to drop a line thanking the councillors who were
      instrumental in this turn of events:

      lisa.rajan@... <mailto:lisa.rajan@...>;
      <mailto:toby.eckersley@...>; nick.vineall@...
      <mailto:lewis.robinson@...>, together with the officers
      john.cordner@... <mailto:john.cordner@...> and
      sally.crew@... <mailto:sally.crew@...>

      Best regards

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