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  • Steve Watkin
    Really just a reminder to Kamla to have a look in Decathlon. I seem to remember that the Triban 5 with its 7 speed hub gear and disc brake was extremely good
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 13, 2006
      Really just a reminder to Kamla to have a look in Decathlon.  I seem to remember that the Triban 5 with its 7 speed hub gear and disc brake was extremely good value at about 250 quid.  I friend of mine got one of these and was very pleased with it.  In the end we changed the rear cog for one 2 or 3 teeth bigger and that improved the gearing. Defiantly one to consider.
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      Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2006 10:52 PM
      Subject: [greenwichcyclists] Re: New cyclist

      Kamla is looking for advice on purchasing a suitable bike: can anybody help?

      Julian Dobson
      Chairperson Greenwich Cyclists

      If it's important, call:
      07771 692 344
      020 8463 0801

      Next maintenance classes:
      Tuesday 26th September gears
      Tuesday 10th October: brakes
      Register and pay online here: http://www.greenwichcyclists.org.uk/Maintain/maintain.html

      On 12 Sep 2006, at 11:56, Kamla Gopaul wrote:

      Dear Julian
      I have just started cycling again, so I am not very accomplished at the moment.
      While looking for a group I came across the Greenwich Cyclists Group and it may be just what I am looking for.
      The events on your calendar are what I have been thinking about, which is the reason for starting to cycle again.
      I am presently on a borrowed bicycle and am struggling through the purchase of my own; it just all seems so complicated.
      I am hoping that you may be able to offer some advice or point me in the right direction.
      My requirements:
      • A bike that I carry up to a 2
      floor flat (stairs)
      • Not too complicated
      • I can use on rides like the ones on your events calendar and everyday stuff.
      • Easy to maintain by myself. ( will do the required professional maintenance as required)
      • May have a rack or basket and do I really need mudguards.
      • Not too costly
      I have attached links to some that I have looked at but I do not have to be limited to these.
      The cheapest one, and its complete. – Ridgeback
      This was recommended
      More ridgebacks
      These are the treks
      The one for £349 was recommended
      There is also a Marins 2006 which cost a bit more, but I could not find a link.
      I am hoping to make this purchase by Saturday; this would get me riding regularly soon.
      I would really like to join your group on the ride to Bath, but I am not sure that I may have the necessary skill level required.
      Many thanks for any assistance you can provide.
      The time of the meeting on Wednesday 27 September: Rides Meeting, is not listed, I may be able to attend, if you let me know.
      My apologies for this lengthy email.
      Thanks and regards
      Effortless Computing
      The Plaza
      535 Kings Road
      London SW10 0SZ

      t 0845 838 7680 f 0845 838 7681 m 0778 6634461

      e kamla@...


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