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    I ve written to my MP at the beginning of the year (Celia Barlow MP for Hove & Portslade). Banning bikes on trains is just the start of restricting travel by
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006
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      I've written to my MP at the beginning of the year (Celia Barlow MP for
      Hove & Portslade). Banning bikes on trains is just the start of
      restricting travel by cycle and although the ban is currently limited to
      rush hour services this may in the future extend to every service 7 days
      a week. We have to campaign for our right to put our bikes on trains.
      For those interested in following the threads regarding the Southern
      Train bike ban please go to:

      Shortcut to: http://www.ctcg.org.uk/

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      Subject: [lccbc] PS to Bikes on Trains - writing to your MP

      Apologies for cross posting (can borough coordinators please post to
      group lists if this message hasn't got through via another route - many

      As a PS to the e-mail I sent yesterday:

      [For those who may not have seen it, we're asking everyone to look at:
      'Bikes on Trains - Write to your MP and your Rail Operator',
      here: www.lcc.org.uk/index.asp?PageID=968
      and to use this briefing material to lobby their MP and also consider
      lobbying relevant train operating companies - especially Southern, who
      their recent actions have brought 'bike-rail' to a head.]

      Even if you're not directly affected by recent bike-rail developments,
      I emphasise that this issue calls into question the whole concept of
      'integrated transport' in the UK - it may affect you or someone you know
      the future. So... please take five minutes to write to your MP via

      *** If you do write to your MP, please ask them to sign Emily
      excellent Early Day Motion, details below ***

      EDM 1468 BIKE AND RAIL INTEGRATION 24.01.2006

      That this House notes that individual railway companies have different
      policies towards cycling and that provision for cyclists at railway
      stations and on trains is patchy at best but generally remains
      inadequate; further notes that the winding up of the Strategic Rail
      Authority and the transfer of authority to the Department for Transport
      provides an excellent opportunity for the minister to issue minimum
      standards to railway franchises and Network Rail to improve provision
      bicycles on trains and at railway stations; and concludes that bicycle
      rail transport should be integrated and promoted to provide a seamless
      environmentally sound `doorstep to destination' alternative to car


      Many thanks for any help you can give,

      (chair, LCC cycle parking & carriage working group)

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