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Re: [greenwichcyclists] Police in the City

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  • Liz Delap
    The legislation about cycle lanes that I am aware of is that a solid outside line makes them cycling only, while a broken line allows vehicles to use them too.
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 1, 2005
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      The legislation about cycle lanes that I am aware of is that a solid outside
      line makes them cycling only, while a broken line allows vehicles to use
      them too. Persistent parking on cycle lanes can be reported to local
      borough traffic / cycling officers, though whether they follow them up is
      another matter.

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      > Yes, that is an amazing story, but I have noticed many more police
      > around lately, and many of them on bicycles, police having realised
      > that this is often the fastest and most flexible way to travel. How
      > often have you noticed that cycle lane traffic is the only traffic
      > moving?
      > I just wish the police/parking people would do something about all
      > the white vans and other vehicles parked on cycle lanes in the City
      > (Leadenhall Street, Holborn Viaduct....).
      > Another pamphlet I read recently called "Mind the Gap" tells
      > motorists not to drive over or to park in cycle lanes. Is this just a
      > courtesy request or is there actual legislation which reserves cycle
      > lanes for cyclists?
      > Most cycle lanes have only a single yellow stripe at the kerb, but
      > even with double yellow stripes some vehicles still park on them. A
      > random weekly sweep by parking officers would net Councils a fortune,
      > though I'd prefer daily if not instant attention to this problem.
      > At 17:21 -0500 30/11/05, phcorkill@... wrote:
      > >I had an interesting exchange with the City Police today.
      > >
      > >I was unloading my White Van at Bow Churchyard, Cheapside, to set up
      > >my market stall when I attracted the attention of a couple of
      > >passing bobbies. Because I have to park a little way away at
      > >Smithfield (due to the need for nore than 2.5m clearance) I had my
      > >bike in the back so that I could cycle the mile or so back. I took
      > >it out so that it wouldn't get in the way and the aforementioned
      > >police saw this asked me about the bike. Was it mine?
      > >
      > >One of them recognised the make (Roberts, I gave them the phone no.)
      > >and wanted to make sure that I hadn't stolen it. Did I have proof
      > >of ownership (eh? does anybody carry this with them)? Where were my
      > >clip in shoes to go with the SPD pedals? (left at home, rarely) etc.
      > >
      > >They made a note of the frame no. ran my vehicle registration
      > >through the system to check that it hadn't been nicked either.
      > >
      > >My story checked out, they said, but because they had done more than
      > >nod hello, our chat counted as Encounter, paperwork had to be filled
      > >in (how tall are you?). They left me with a piece of pink paper.
      > >All very amicable.
      > >
      > >Mild amazement at being stopped for doing nothing out of the
      > >ordinary (was it because I have a white van?), but not, I think,
      > >irritated, and also interested that they were doing something about
      > >bike theft.
      > >
      > >One of the was a cycling bobby (though not at the time with his
      > >bike) and I think it was his personal interest that caused him to
      > >ask questions, rather than a policy of City Police.
      > >
      > >Ralph, from City Cyclists, are you reading this? Have you heard of
      > >anything similar?
      > >
      > >Peter
      > >
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