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RE: [greenwichcyclists] Assault by bus driver 24th November

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    Dreadful story. I recently complained to a London bus company about some bad driving and got a positive response from them to say that the driver concerned
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 1, 2004

      Dreadful story.  I recently complained to a London bus company about some bad driving and got a positive response from them to say that the driver concerned had been spoken to and her driving would be monitored by a plain clothed inspector.  The frightening thing about some of the bad driving is that it’s done quite deliberately with no regard to whether the driver knocks the cyclist off or not.  I had a bus pass me with an inch to spare down Theobalds Road in Holborn recently and he’d been driving behind me in the bus lane at the time so was aware I was there etc and as soon as I’d pulled in after overtaking a stationary taxi he passed – he must have “judged/timed” the overtake to get that close (it would have only taken a pothole or manhole to put me in the path of the maniac bus driver who would no doubt have said I swerved in front of him).  Other consistent bus offenders are those pulling out of  Victoria station – almost daily dangerous manoeuvres.  My theory regarding the universal hatred of cyclists and all things cycling prevails.


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      Hi Keable74


      Sounds like a horrific experience. We've had a similar experience with a red bus passing within inches, and the very helpful response from TfL didn't bring any results. Did you get any witnesses?

      I'm not sure if the LCC offers support in cases like this: I've just had a look at their web-site, and couldn't see anything, but it's probably worth contacting them:

      London Cycling Campaign

      Unit 228

      30 Great Guildford Street

      London SE1 0HS


      Being as you have already contacted the police, I cannot think of any more that you can do, but I'll watch for suggestions from the group.


      ps what is you actual name?


      On 29 Nov 2004, at 15:57, keable74 wrote:



      I attach an excerpt from a letter of complaint i have sent to the bus

      company concerned. Could you recommend what organisations I should

      complain to relating to the assault below. I have already taken up

      the matter with the Greenwich Police and I will be forwarding a copy

      to the London Transport users commitee. As a regular commuter I am

      well used to the dangers of cycling in London but I found the

      behaviour of this individual particularly ugly.


      Whilst cycling home around 5.40pm heading east along Jamaica Road

      a `Brentons of Blackheath' coach overtook a number of bicycles

      travelling in the bus lane at a ridiculous speed and about 2 inches

      away from myself and a colleague who was cycling behind me.

      The manoeuvre was simply dangerous and pointless as the light ahead

      was on red. When I arrived at the light I approached the driver who's

      response was to spit at me in the face and to declare that all

      cyclists are `cunts` and deserve to be knocked off their bikes and


      I then went to the passenger side of the coach to get out of the way

      of traffic and the driver came running down the steps and kicked me

      in the chest. This was a blatant assault and I have pressed charges

      with the Police to pursue this matter.

      The driver of coach ESU 241 was late 50's, scruffy looking with no

      front teeth. I hardly think that this man is hard for you as his

      employer to identify and I have seen him subsequently following the

      same route with this bus.

      I commute around London every day on a bike and am used to the

      difficulties of cycling through heavy traffic. I do not however stand

      for the kind of behaviour exhibited by your employee and I find it

      particularly disgraceful behaviour given that this man could be

      driving children around.


      I would appreciate a response from Brentons of Blackheath as I take

      this matter extremely seriously.



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