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Herne Hill Cycle Jumble and Track Event - Good Friday

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  • Hilary Samuels
    I’ve been sent this information about an event that will be taking place at Herne Hill Velodrome on Good Friday. We’ve been asked if we would like to pay
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2004

      I’ve been sent this information about an event that will be taking place at Herne Hill Velodrome on Good Friday.   We’ve been asked if we would like to pay £12 (£8 without a vehicle space) to have a stall at the event and sell our unwanted cycling paraphernalia, all profits to go to Greenwich Cyclists.  Have you got lots of cycling stuff that you would like to sell in aid of GC?  Do you think it would be worth us paying to have a stall if there is sufficient stuff?  Would you be willing to man the stall for a few hours?  Do let me know your views on this and whether you have lots of stuff to sell.   

      Regardless of whether or not we have a stall this will still be a great day out and a bargain at £5 for up to 8 hours cycling (or spectating).  If you’ve never experienced the delights of track racing, now’s your chance.


      P.O. Box 4395 London W1A 7SH

      Dear Greenwich Cyclists,

      On April 9th 2004, a major track event will be taking place at Herne Hill Velodrome.  In light of the disappointing news that the usual Good Friday Track Meet will not be going ahead this year the Friends of Herne Hill have decided to put on their own event.  Essentially it is a fun day meant to introduce as many cyclists of varying capabilities to track racing. 

      To go alongside this event the LBMA is organising a Bicycle Jumble Sale.  With the large draw of the track event and the high profile of the venue we hope that this will be one of the best bicycle sales of this kind.  We are advertising stall space to cycle clubs, shops and organisations providing the opportunity for large profits for each group that participates. 

      By participating you would be helping to raise much needed funds for the London Bicycle Messenger Association which is currently campaigning for better conditions for cyclists on the road. Canvas your members to raid their sheds, garages and even wardrobes for all cycling paraphernalia and you could be raising much needed funds for yourselves as well.  Stalls are also available for hire as advertising space for your organisation or even to individuals who want to rid themselves of unwanted cycling goods and make room for something new.

      Stall hire is £12 in advance or £15 on the day.  For this you will be allowed parking for one vehicle and room for a table in front of it.  The event begins at 10am, doors open to stall holders at 9am.  A limited number of tables (without vehicle space) are available to hire for just £8 advance booking only.   If you would like to participate fill in the form enclosed.  For more information contact me on 020 7277 7373 or email charlduncan@...

      Herne Hill Velodrome, Burbage Rd, London SE24
      Fun Friday 10am-6pm 09/04/04
      £5 entrance fee for spectators and racers
      Stall holders get in free , doors open for setting up at 9am

      Thank you for your time,
      Charlene Duncan

      Ps If you could forward this to any and all parties that you think may be interested it would be greatly appreciated.  

      Please fill in and send to LBMA at P.O. Box 4395 London W1A 7SH
      Expect confirmation within a week

        o I would like to hire a stall space at the Herne Hill
      Velodrome during the Fun Friday Event  Please find enclosed the fee of £12  enclosed

      o I would like to hire table space (no vehicle parking) for a fee of £8 enclosed

      (cheques made payable to London Bicycle Messenger Association)

      CONTACT NAME _______________________________

      ORGANISATION _______________________________

      ADDRESS ____________________________________



      CONTACT NUMBER __________________________   

      EMAIL ADDRESS __________________________                                              

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