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Monthly meeting - Wed 3rd March

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  • Hilary Samuels
    Please see below for the agenda for our March meeting next Wednesday and the attachment for minutes of our last meeting. It will be a busy meeting again with
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      Please see below for the agenda for our March meeting next  Wednesday and the attachment for minutes of our last meeting.  
      It will be a busy meeting again with three invited guests.  Maureen Johnson, organiser of the Mayor's ride on Sunday 25 April will be coming along briefly to talk about the input that she would like from Greenwich Cyclists on the day. 
      Raj Shukla and Joyce Simmonds (lead officer on cycle training and Safety Education Officer, respectively) from Greenwich Council will also be coming along to talk about the council's School Travel Plans and the Travel to Work plan and specifically how cycling is promoted within those.  They'll also be giving us a bit more information on the cycle training and other related initiatives that they are involved in. 
      Linked to this, as promised we'll be discussing the schools projects in some detail to ensure that everyone is aware of what exactly the projects involve and how are we spending the different grants that are funding these projects.  I am attaching a copy of the report that we recently sent to the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund, reporting back on activities during the first term of the project.  For those that are interested I am also attaching the precise expenditure details of each grant.  I realise that not everybody will be able to open the attachments but copies will also be available at the meeting.
      And we'll be discussing our agenda for Thursday March 4th's meeting with Peter Brooks and Maureen O'Mara from Greenwich Council following tomorrow's meeting with David Moorhouse. 
      Lots going on, lots of opportunies to get involved.  Come along and help influence our activities over the next few months.
      Agenda - Wednesday 3rd March
      7.30-9pm The Forum, Trafalgar Road, Greenwich
      1. Welcome and Introductions
      2. Mayor's Ride
      3. Greenwich Council School and work travel plans
      4. Pedal Power 
      5. Council meeting - March 4th & other planning issues 
      6. Constitution / rides
      7. LCC Cycling Manifesto for London
      8. Spring into Action Campaign
      9. Bike Week
      9pm: Pub

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