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Sunday's bike stall / kid's cycle obstacle course / news from LCC (long)

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  • Hilary Samuels
    Thanks to all those that helped out at last Sunday s stall and Dr Bike session at Thamesmere Leisure Centre. We chose a good day despite or more accurately
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2003
      Thanks to all those that helped out at last Sunday's stall and Dr Bike session at Thamesmere Leisure Centre.  We chose a good day despite or more accurately because of the heat.  Lots of people were in and out of the leisure centre and came over to see what we were doing and 4 have joined the e-list to keep updated on what we're doing.  We also mended about 10 bikes and got people on the move again...pity there isn't a local bike shop in Thamesmead. 
      Hopefully we'll be able to have a stall and do another Dr Bike session in Greenwich at the Car Free Day celebrations on Sunday 21st September...watch this space for more details
      If you've got children or young relatives don't forget that they can beat the summer holiday boredom by going along to the free Cycle Obstacle Course that Bexley Cyclists are organising for 8-12 year olds.  A fun way for children to improve their cycling skills with professional trainers.
      Monday 18th August     2-4pm
      Ocean Park, West Street, Erith
      Contact Frances on 01322 441 979 to book a place or for more details
      Latest news from the London Cycling Campaign (LCC). 
      Welcome to Ché
      Campaigning Update
      LCN+  Update
      Cycle Awards
      Become a Cycle Trainer
      Cycle 2003
      Personnel Update
      Help Needed
      Welcome to Ché
      Ché, LCC's new information officer has just joined us and some of you
      may have already spoken to her on the phone. Ché will be in the
      telephone front line as she tackles assorted enquiries. She will also
      be producing a range of information sheets that we hope will help people
      solve their cycling problems. Please give her a warm welcome when you
      have the opportunity. (Some of you will have met Ché at our last Greenwich Cyclists meeting)
      Borough Groups Officer on the way.
      We have, at long last, secured funding, through the Association of
      London Government, for a Cycling Development Officer. The funding comes on-stream in November and we hope to have someone in place shortly thereafter. The demands on borough groups have soared in recent times and a BG officer is much overdue.  We hope the support provided will help ease the pressure on local groups, strengthen our campaigning
      capacity and help communication with the office.  Thanks to Ben, Simon,
      Alison, Mark and others who helped with the funding application.  We
      will let you have specific details of the post as soon as soon as we
      LCN+  Update
      Borough Spending Plans for LCN+ routes in 2003/4 should now be in and
      awaiting Project Manger (Camden) approval and Transport for London
      financial support.  Boroughs are allowed variations from the original
      routes if Camden approves.  Groups that need advice on LCN+  can
      contact the CPEG group ( contact cneely@...) which is participating in sector and CRIM/CRISP (stakeholder participation) meetings.  TheCRIM/CRISP model for consultation is still being prepared by TfL following comment from LCC. Until the CRISP model is ready borough groups need to liaise with their local cycling officer on the
      implementation of LCN+ routes.

      If anyone hasn't seen the LCN+ proposed routes (200-3-2009) they can be found at www.londoncyclenetwork.org under cycle maps, pan and zoom, proposed LCN+.

      The draft design manual for LCN+ has been delayed till later this year.
      It will be somewhat broader in scope than originally planned.

      In answer to questions about cycle lane widths we've been advised by
      CCE that 1.5 m is the standard for new LCN+ projects. If narrower
      facilities are being installed local groups can contact the LCN+ project manager festus.agwu-jones@...

      London's Cycling Oscars- Deputy Mayor will present the awards - More
      Nominations Wanted

      Jenny Jones, the Deputy Mayor, has agreed to present this year's awards
      at the AGM. We've had a few nominations but we'd love more. Nominations should be accompanied by some photos, testimonials and a one page summary of the project/facility and why it deserves an award.  Cycling officers, project leaders, companies can all nominate their own projects so if you know of  a worthwhile initiative you can suggest that they send in a self-nomination with the appropriate documentation. The categories are:
      Best Cycle Facility
      Best Workplace Cycling Activity
      Best Community Cycling Initiative
      Best Cycling Initiative for Young People or Children

      Full details on the website under Awards: For more details contact
      David Love (Tues and Thursday 10.00 - 13.00)  or Tom Bogdanowicz on 020 7928 6112, email office@...
      Become a Cycle Trainer

      From Bob Davis in Ealing: As you know LBE employs Cycle Training UK to do a lot of cycle training and Bicycle Support Team work here. CTUK are very overstretched at the moment and need new trainers.

      Rates are from £8 per hour for beginners to £12 for experienced
      trainers. CTUK train you up. You also get allowances for distance
      travelled. You will get good training and improve your maintenance

      PLEASE consider this yourself and forward this to ANYBODY who you think
      may be interested. Contact Eric at CTUK on eric@...
      7582 3535, or the local head honcho, Ian Pearson on ian@... 020 8995 9225.
      Wishing all those  who are taking a break in August a pleasant and well
      earned rest.

      Tom Bogdanowicz
      Marketing and Membership Update


      This years AGM will be on the 25th of October at the London Volunteer
      Resource Centre, Holloway Road, N7 - doors open 12.30pm. The deadline for proposing motions and nominations to the Management Committee (MC) is the 22nd of August at 5pm.  Nomination forms are available from the LCC office and must have both a proposer and seconder who are current LCC members.  There are six places up for grabs and the LCC is particularly looking for people with skills in human resources, finance, marketing, and research. If you are interested in standing or know someone who is, please contact Simon Brammer  tel. 020 7928 6112, email simon@... or Crispin Truman email chair@...

      Cycle 2003
      We will be present at the cycle show 'Cycle 2003'.  Last years show was
      very successful - we signed up dozens of new members and hope to beat last years figures.  We need volunteers to help out as the show runs
      from the 24th to the 28th of September.  Expenses will be paid, and you
      get a chance to  look around the show for free.  You can help out for
      several days or just come in to relieve staff over lunch.  Contact Anna
      Trafford on 020 7928 6112 or email anna@... if you can help. 

      Membership at the end of July 2003 stood at 8747 (up 152 from the end
      of June)
      We have a number of membership promotions running this month - members who join or renew can win one of 15 sets of cycle lights or tickets to Cycle 2003 (although volunteers can get in free - see above) and we will also be sending out Rough Guides to new / renewing members on request

      Marketing & Membership Team: Anna Trafford, Duncan Exley


      LCC is really beginning to engage with the Health Sector.  Following
      discussions with the NHS Workforce Confederations (the part of the NHS
      charged with improving the working lives of staff) we have secured a
      contract with a local Primary Care Trust to help it develop incentives
      to encourage both patients and staff to travel by bike.  We are also
      working with the Confederations to help them encourage cycling through
      policy change.

      LCC has also been busy attending NHS conference and seminars to ensure that the health sector recognise the benefits of cycling - both in
      terms of health improvement and myriad of solutions cycling can offer to an overstretch NHS transport system - the NHS accounts for 6 percent of
      London traffic!

      If any of you have been working with your local PCT or NHS services I
      would be very happy to hear from you to ensure that we can build on all
      these efforts both local and pan-London. simon@... 
      Information Assistant
      Thanks to the fund-raising and recruiting efforts of Ben, Simon,
      Alison, Sue, Ashok and Suzanne LCT has an information assistant. Ché Sutherland started on 28th July. She is a dedicated cyclist and comes to us from the Parkinson's Society. Ché will be leading improvements to our enquiry response and information provision  and developing a series of cycling fact sheets along with many other duties. Lottery funding has been provided through the New Opportunities Fund SEED programme.

      Development Officer - see above.

      Help needed
      As you know Summer is the busiest time at LCC. Lots of people wanting to join,  get out on their bikes and  generally needing  information about
      all things cycling.

      Do you know of anyone who would be willing to help answering the phone
      in the LCC Office? Even a couple of hours a week would be very helpful.

      Please email suek@... or ring 020 7928 7220 for further

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