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Bike Week events

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  • masonb
    Magazine and National Bike Week deadlines have crept up on me....we need to agree what we re doing fast. Let s talk about the following at Wednesday s meeting.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2003
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      Magazine and National Bike Week deadlines have crept up on me....we need to agree what we're doing fast. Let's talk about the following at Wednesday's meeting. This year's theme is cycling to work and getting more involved. Nearly all of these rides are designed are family and novice suitable. Can we add more? Do: 
      Saturday 14 June: Locks, docks ride. Meet 10am Cutty Sark Gardens. East along the river and then round the docks. 30 miles all day, or just do half or less.
      Sunday 15 June: The Peaks of Greenwich. Meet 10am Cutty Sark Gardens. Explore the heights. 15 miles.
      Monday 16 June: Bike to work, west along the Thames Path. Meet 7.30am Cutty Sark Gardens
      Monday 16 June: Dulwich Afterworker. To Dulwich Park to meet Southwark Cyclists and try the London recumbents. Bring picnic. Meet 7pm Cutty Sark Gardens, or at London Recumbents in Dulwich Park.
      Tuesday 17 June: The Love Lea Valley. Afterworker. Meet 7pm Cutty Sark Gardens for a gentle ride up the Lea Valley. Back before dark. 
      Wednesday 18 June: The Dome Afterworker. Meet 7pm Cutty Sark Gardens for the Dome and The Pilot.
      Thursday 19 June: Bike to work, north to Canary Wharf, and then to The City. Meet 7.30am Cutty Sark Gardens.    
      Thursday 19 June: The Waterlink Way. Meet 7pm Cutty Sark Gardens for a ride south. Back before dark.
      Friday 20 June: Sunset Afterworker. East along the Thames Path, and back into the sunset. Meet 7pm Cutty Sark Gardens.
      Saturday 21 June: The legendary Midsummer Madness Ride. Today's the Summer Solstice. The longest day. Midsummer. Celebrate that hidden daily miracle. Sunrise. Meet 2am Cutty Sark Gardens. 2.30am south end of London Bridge, 3am Bar Italia Frith Street, 4am Primrose Hill.  4.43am: sunrise! 6am: Breakfast. Island Cafe, Union Street/Southwark Bridge Road.
      Saturday 21 June: Greenwich Park Picnic. With Lewisham, Southwark and other groups. Meet 6pm Cutty Sark Gardens for ride up the hill. Bring picnic!
      Sunday 22 June. The Big Canal Ride. Up the Lea Valley, over, and back down the Grand Union to Brentford then roads back. Lots of drop out points but a long, flat 80 miler. Meet 9am Cutty Sark Gardens. Roger. 07956 254836
      07905 889 005
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