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Recent developments with Council and request for info from YOU

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  • Greg Englefield
    Some good news from Greenwich Council s cycling officer, Dave Moorhouse. And some continuing concerns...... We understand that the Council has developed 20 new
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2001
      Some good news from Greenwich Council's cycling officer, Dave Moorhouse.
      And some continuing concerns......

      We understand that the Council has developed 20 new cycle routes and
      infrastructure works which it hopes to develop at a cost of over
      £300,000. We have asked for details of the proposals so that we can
      comment on them and compare the Council's plans with comments and
      "shopping lists" we have received from cyclists.

      I understand from Dave that several bits of cycle route are going to
      developed over the next few weeks. The Pear Tree Way route linking the
      river Thames and Woolwich Road near the new Sainsburys development on
      Greenwich Peninsula is going ahaed and Dave is putting together the
      traffic orders. This should help access from Charlton to the river. We
      have stressed the importance of signalled pedestrian and cycle crossing
      over Bugsby's Way and Dave is aware of the problem.

      Cycle routes past the new multiplex cinema on Greenwich Peninsula have
      been relaid and access from the footbridge across the A102M to the
      Millennium Village site and the river Thames is now much improved. This
      is something we have been requesting all last year, so it is good that
      it has been installed.

      Dave has informed us that he is planning a toucan crossing across
      Blackwall Lane by Mauritius Road to allow easier crossing of this busy
      four lane road. We have pointed out the need to link this clearly with
      existing cycle routes on Blackwall Lane and Tunnel Avenue. This
      crossing will help to link East Greenwich to Greenwich peninsula.

      Dave is looking at the installation of pedestrian crossing lights over
      Millennium Way where the existing Thames cycle route crosses that road
      and the Peninsula. Currently it is a dangerous crossing for cyclists
      that cuts the Thames path.

      A number of Greenwich Cyclists members attended the Greenwich Council
      Transport Scrutiny Committee meeting on 8 February. Strong
      representations were made by Greenwich Cyclists, Transport 2000 and
      other local residents and groups for better cycle lane provision. The
      meeting was attended by several councillors who noted our comments. We
      have received strong support from a number of Councillors including Alex
      Grant, Mary Mills and Ann Hutchinson. Barry Mason has circulated notes
      of the meeting to this e-group. We shall be sending a memorandum to the
      Scrutiny Committee shortly. The Committee will be sending
      recommendations to the Council. We are particularly concerned that
      existing cycle lanes on busy roads, whilst very welcome to allow
      commuter cycling, have not been protected and so do not attract many

      We understand that the council has won £100,000 to fund a sustaniable
      transport officer for three years. We look forward to working with that

      We have sent a formal notice to Dave Moorhouse copied to local
      councillors, highlighting the danger for cyclists of Creek Road and
      Deptford Creek, particularly following recent road layout changes. We
      hope to work with Greenwich Council to reduce the risks to cyclists by
      developing a protected cycle lane along the road, which is used by
      several hundred cyclists at peak times.

      Greenwich Council Sports development have offered to manage our mailing
      system. This should allow us to distribute news of developments and our
      rides more efficiently. The contact at Greenwich Council Sports
      Development is Kim Hoskins. We shall continue to circulate Pedal Power
      electronically to those who offer us an e-mail address.

      We continue to press the Council for information as to when the Woolwich
      Arsenal riverside route will be opened. This was built two years ago
      and remains closed due to contractor disputes. We hope it may be open
      by next summer (two years late). We are also concerned at the delay in
      opening the route around the Dome which was due to open in 2001 as a
      condition of the development of the Dome. Sustrans are also concerned.

      A REQUEST: please let me know of routes or locations in Greenwich
      borough that are particularly bad for cyclists so that we can forward
      details to Dave Moorhouse for consideration. Things can only get better
      if we have information for the Council to consider.

      Remember our next meeting on 7 March, 7.30pm at The Forum, 177 Trafalgar
      Road, East Greenwich.

      Greg Englefield
      Greenwich Cyclists
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