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Wednesday agenda etc for 3 January

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  • Barry Mason
    Well I hope you all had a truly great Christmas and new year. I m not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. Three Critical Masses over the holiday
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2001
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      Well I hope you all had a truly great Christmas and new year. I'm not
      looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.

      Three Critical Masses over the holiday were fun and full of the usual
      suspects. Five of us went to the Dome Christmas Eve, and another five
      went on an icy docklands ride on Saturday 30 December.

      I'm sorry the below agenda for tomorrow and December meeting notes
      are so late but I've a really good excuse this time. Do try and make
      tomorrow evening.....we'll keep it short and to the point but there's
      a lot to do/look forward to in 2001....

      See you soon.

      Greenwich Cyclists

      Wednesday 3 January 2001 7.30pm Greenwich Forum. Ending 9pm

      · Welcome and intros
      · Last meeting
      · Update: BM
      · Planning: GE
      · Neil Simpson, British Cycling Federation: children's cycling
      scheme and sports development
      · Priorities for 2001
      · Rides for 2001
      · Events 2001
      · Workload and jobs
      · Anything else?
      · Pub

      2 January 2001


      Note of monthly meeting held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 6 December 2000
      at Greenwich Forum


      Fanny Abrahmczuk, Rushton Aust, Andrew Bestwetherick, Liz Delap,
      Miles Dove, Greg Englefield, Teri Griffith, Barbara Henley, Barry
      Mason, Cllr Mary Mills, Isobel Stoddart (Sustrans), Jim Watkins, Bob


      1. December newsletter: Pedal Power 6 looked back over nine months of
      achievement, 31 rides, a number of events and much reasoned
      campaigning. The newsletter was going to all Councillors and
      elsewhere, but better distribution was still a priority for 2001.

      2. Car Free Day 2001: Saturday 22 September: notes of the meeting of
      15 November were tabled. A reply from the Council about our proposal
      that Greenwich Town Centre be closed to through traffic except buses
      on the day was awaited. (Reminder sent: note GLA meeting on 15

      3. Planning Issues: GE mentioned a number of current planning issues:
      the revised plans for the Deptford Creek liner terminal and
      developments in that area, Pear Tree Way, the need to open the
      riverside around the Dome, cinema access routes on the peninsula,
      bike lane parking. After discussion it was agreed that GC write to
      Greenwich Council asking to be formally consulted on all road and
      development planning applications large enough to be significant. It
      was agreed that GC were now at a stage where they should and could
      comment on all large schemes to ensure good bike facilities to, on,
      and around such sites. Also agreed that BM would bring a large map of
      Greenwich to further meetings, to save confusion!

      4. Isobel Stoddart, manager of Sustrans London office then described
      relevant work Sustrans were doing locally. At Cutty Sark Gardens a
      cycle route through the site and new signage is being worked out. GC
      agreed to write to Alan Dix at Greenwich Council about arranging
      the "free" Sustrans mileposts that are available. GC would be
      in Sustrans quarterly London newsletter. On the Waterlink Way through
      Lewisham, the route through Iron Arch Wharf was now secured, and is
      due to be lit. At Mast Pond Wharf (just west of Woolwich Ferry), it
      was hoped that a temporary riverside route through would be in place
      by mid-2001. A route through the Warspite Estate missing link had
      been agreed in outline and a programme is being worked out. The route
      east from the Woolwich Flood Barrier has also now been surveyed and
      agreed with the Environment Agency, a programme for that work is also
      awaited, a £1m bridge will be needed. The Woolwich Arsenal stretch
      still closed, the problem now is with the lighting but Sustrans and
      GC will keep pressing for opening. At the east end of the stretch a
      bridge over the flood wall is going in. IS ended on welcoming the
      formation of GC and hoping that Sustrans/GC would continue to work so
      well together in future. BM thanked.

      5. Car Free Day vid: The 13 minute video of Car Free Day 2000 in
      Coldharbour Lane, Brixton was then shown and enjoyed by all over

      6. Other business: the meeting then adjourned at speed to Chipchas.

      7. Next meeting: 7.30pm, Wednesday 7 January 2001.

      2 January 2001

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