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Ecotopia-Biketour 2002

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  • Doug
    Ecotopia-Biketour 2002 ***PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS*** (For more info on what this biketour is, see below) check out: www.thebiketour.net
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2002
      Ecotopia-Biketour 2002

      (For more info on what this biketour is, see below)
      check out: www.thebiketour.net
      applications to join the tour to: btour2002@...

      For those starting from the beginning, there will be a
      meeting point in Dover. Some people will cycle the
      whole tour, others only part. It can be chaos when new
      people try to meet biketour each day so please let us
      know places or dates when you will join the tour.

      Celtic Safari is a four-week, non-competitive and
      politically active bicycle tour through England,
      Wales, and Ireland; Bringing young people, and some
      not so young, from all over Europe, and ending at
      Ecotopia-Gathering 2002 [www.ecotopia2002.org] in
      Dingle, Ireland.

      The aim of Celtic Safari Biketour is to promote the
      concept of sustainable transport, social and
      environmental justice, especially to young people.
      Instead of focusing on government and media attention,
      the tour and participants will engage and educate
      individuals, empowering them to make changes in their
      own lives and local communities. The tour is also an
      ecologically friendly, and sustainable, way to get to
      Ecotopia 2002.

      En-route, the biketour will link with groups in order
      to present its vision to local communities and allow
      biketour participants to share experiences from their
      cultures and from the projects with which they are
      involved in their home countries. Biketour
      participants will also learn from grassroots groups
      and non-governmental organisations in Britain and

      July 10th-August 13th, 2002. The route is: Dover,
      Sevenoaks, London, Oxford, Bristol, Hereford,
      Aberystwyth, Machynlleth, Holyhead, Dublin, Wicklow
      Mountains, Slieve Bloom Mountains, Limerick, Cork,
      Kilarney, Tralee, Dingle.

      See the "how to join" part of the website for more
      info or email: btour2002@...
      Phone: 07870 467 231
      Please come and join actions and events along the way!

      Anyone is welcome to join the tour as long as they are
      prepared to:

      1. fully participate in the tour
      2. bring a positive, fun, DIY attitude
      3. cycle 50km a day
      4. COME PREPARED!!!"


      July 15th: The Climate Criminals Critical Mass

      Join us on unmotorised wheels as we visit the all-time London top 5
      trashers of the climate, then move on to wash the taste out of our mouths
      with tea and cake at the London Action Resource Centre.
      Meet outside the National Film Theatre, South Bank, at 2pm on Monday 15th
      July; finish at LARC between 4-5pm.'
      (This is to coincide with the passing thorugh London of Biketour 2002,
      radical cycle folk heading through these isles on the way to Ecotopia in


      London Action Resource Centre: www.londonarc.org
      Email: fieldgate@...
      Address: 62 Fieldgate St., London E1 1ES; (Whitechapel or Aldgate East tubes)
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