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  • Barry Mason
    I hope pasting our still drying latest newsletter into this works. Don t believe the clock. It s 11.10pm as I send this. See you on Saturday, Monday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2000
      I hope pasting our still drying latest newsletter into this works.
      Don't believe the clock. It's 11.10pm as I send this.

      See you on Saturday, Monday, Wednesday......at this rate we're gonna
      survive winter. I could have got good odds against that last April,
      but so it goes.

      Of course the paper version looks a lot more elegant.....usually.
      Nick's on holiday so I've Worded it.


      DECEMBER 2000

      Nine months old: 31 rides, loads of good events, much reasoned
      campaigning for better bike infrastructure. Many many thanks to all
      involved. Here's a summary of what we've done to date, and
      some plans
      for the future.

      Thirty five Greenwich Cyclists first met on 12 April 2000 and soon
      agreed a constitution and equal opportunities policy. We agreed to
      run ourselves, and to be affiliated to, but independent of, the
      London Cycling Campaign.

      Our aims reflect our 3 main activities:

      · organize and do rides of all sorts. From short local explores
      for novices and families to the overnight 120 mile Dunwich Dynamo
      and in between

      · engage with Councillors and Council Officers and others to
      work for improved bike facilities: routes, parking, planning…

      · develop our membership and publicise events

      An early £500 grant from the Greenwich Agenda 21 scheme has lasted
      all year. We rely on our own work as volunteers. Fund-raising is now
      a big priority. Donations always welcome! But what have we done?

      Greenwich Council Interim Transport Plan
      In April we wrote a detailed response to this and await results. The
      Council says that cycling should be a priority mode of transport.
      Many potential local cyclists are nervous because of heavy traffic
      and the lack of a decent cycle network. It's high time the
      took cycling much more seriously.

      Pedal Power?
      In May we started this, our monthly newsletter which goes to several
      hundred local cyclists. We help production and distribution help.
      This one doesn't look as good as it should – Nick's on

      Millennium Festival of Cycling
      June: we organised 12 rides and looked like a well established group.
      A couple of short trips flopped but 130 people enjoyed the rest.

      Most fun? The 2am Cutty Sark start on the longest day, and the ride
      through deserted London to see sunrise from Primrose Hill. A motley
      crew. After an early breakfast in Borough market, some of us helped
      Sustrans launch their National Cycle Network and cycled back to Cutty
      Sark Gardens where four of those routes meet.

      Cycle training
      We've organised professional training for a dozen beginners
      and helped others commute into London by bike. Need training/advice?

      Charlton Athletic Football Club asked us to help at their August
      open day. We did a live radio broadcast on Millennium FM, stood
      nervously on the pitch at half-time, and raffled a bike donated by
      Action Bikes of Bexley. 250 kids did our cycle assault course.

      Sustainable Transport – have now built 5,000 miles of the
      10,000 mile National Cycle Network.
      We've great links with Isobel Stoddart who is developing the
      Greenwich sections. The bit through Woolwich Arsenal might be open as
      you read this. On the Thames Cycle Route stretch from Cutty Sark to
      Erith and beyond, only the Thames Barrier/ Woolwich Ferry bits still
      force you away from the Thames onto the road. Explore with us.

      We've started regular monthly kids and family rides starting at
      Cutty Sark. Many use the Thames path. These are off road. Loads more
      in 2001.

      www.greenwichcyclists.org.uk will soon be up and hold rides, routes,
      news and wish-lists. Go to www.egroups.com/group/greenwichcyclists
      and join our mailing list now.

      We're moving bikes up the Greenwich agenda. With a bit more
      joined up
      thinking, Greenwich could be cycle heaven. We've good working
      relationship with the Council's Cycling Officer, Dave Moorhouse,
      are highlighting our priorities. The off-road routes along the Thames
      are a huge long term achievement for leisure cycling, but commuter,
      daily shopping, schools and other utility routes are still
      inadequate. The Council often makes the right noises, and now it
      needs to follow up, after consulting cyclists. We'll see Dave on
      bike yet. Lots of work to do with the GLA and the Mayor of London on
      the main routes.

      Cycle Surveys
      We've now done 5 rush-hour cycle counts in central Greenwich.
      over 300 bikes leave Greenwich via the Creek Road or the foot-tunnel
      every weekday between 7and 9am. The tunnel will get progressively
      busier at those new towers fill up. There are more in planning. The
      surveys help us make our case for more road, higher priority and
      better planning.

      Ours are actually very useful, because they're by and for us, and
      wide open. We spend an hour making decisions, half an hour chucking
      ideas about, and then go for a drink, or two. First Wednesday, every
      month. 7.30pm. Greenwich Forum, 177 Trafalgar Road.

      We have smaller interim meetings as needed on projects, planning,
      fund-raising or whatever. We keep in very close touch with Lambeth,
      Southwark and Lewisham Cyclists, the London Cycling Campaign and
      other groups as necessary.

      Next year will be about consolidation and concentrating on our main
      aims. We need to improve our liaison and influence with the Council,
      we need to grow and engage our membership, we need to raise more
      funds, and get more people on bikes. Above all perhaps, we need to
      get more people directly involved. We also feel very strongly that
      many people still do not realise what a difference a bike could make
      to their lives. We need to reach those people and those groups who
      are not yet cycling.

      We'll be doing rides every weekend and on light weekdays
      Apart from lots of local exploring and docklands rambles, we'll
      revisit Gravesend, Whitstable, Dungeness, Burnham-on-Crouch, Windsor,
      the Surrey/Kent hills, the Lea Valley and Brighton. If possible,
      we'll tailor a ride for you. If you want to lead or help organise
      ride, great.

      Some really useful milestones for 2001 are in place already:

      March: International Women's Festival. We've been awarded a
      grant to
      run a series of events and workshops by women for women.

      Sunday 29 April, Cutty Sark, 10am: we're helping plan and
      the Mayor's Charity Bike Ride to Erith. It'll be big.

      June: National Bike Week. A whole series of events. Primrose Hill
      summer solstice ride leaves Cutty Sark at 2am on Thursday 21 June.
      Book the day off now. Or get to work early.

      July: Plumstead's Anti-Racist Festival. We'll have a stall

      21/22 July: the legendary Dunwich Dynamo

      Saturday 22 September: European Car Free Day. We've detailed to
      Council an exciting series of events for central Greenwich that day.
      We wait a response. The day coincides with London Open House

      The Full Spin – December
      2 December: Docklands Explore, 10am Cutty Sark
      4: rush hour count/leaflet. 7am CS
      6: monthly meeting. See above and below. A must.
      9: main road route survey. Waterloo to Greenwich. Barry for details.
      10: Dartford and over. 10am Cutty Sark
      17: Southwark Cyclists ride. 10am National Film Theatre
      19: Party with Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. Bread and Roses pub,
      Clapham. 8 till late.
      22: London Critical Mass. 6pm NFT
      26: ride? Subject to demand. Barry. Go on.
      30: 10am CS: riverside to Erith, and beyond?

      Cycle Shorts
      We've done a lot of talking in 2000 but think we've reason to
      cheerful. We need support, criticism, help, money, you. As much or as
      little as you like.
      b b b b b b b

      First Wednesday. Every month. Greenwich Forum, 177 Trafalgar Road,
      Greenwich SE10 9EQ.

      Co-ordinator Barry Mason 020 7232 0444
      Planning co-ordinator Greg Englefield 020 8858 7982
      Events organisers Duncan Brown duncan@...
      Graham Johnson grahamjhnsn8@...
      Website Beth Park
      Membership secretary Liz Delap liz.delap@...
      Treasurer Eeva Berglund eeva@...
      Minutes secretary Teresa Griffith
      Newsletter team Jeffrey Salway 020 8853 0431
      Nick Williams 020 8853 3947
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