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Happy Easter, news, projects and our 3 April meeting

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  • masonb
    Lovely sunny Easter, hope to see loads of you this weekend. Velodrome, Orwell and Deben ferries, some new docklands bits. The May/June edition of London
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2002
      Lovely sunny Easter, hope to see loads of you this weekend. Velodrome, Orwell and Deben ferries, some new docklands bits. 
      The May/June edition of London Cyclist is out now, we enveloped it Wednesday and it should be with LCC members early next week. (020 7928 7220 or www.lcc.org.uk to join). On page 6 there's Liz Delap's ace home page pic of about 30 of us in the sun outside the foot tunnel covering an article about the tunnel closure. (I've  meeting with DLR  soon about possible evening bike carriage!). On the same page is Doug's night photo of the Dome route ride with an article about Sustrans Rangering. Then there's a bit about Peter winning on the De Laune rollers...and a useful plug for our 6 April  velodrome takeover. And it's Lewisham's turn to tell about their local delights. And much more including how to report potholes all over London. (A bit sad to see that Greenwich is the oonly borough of the 32 listed not to have a one-number service. They list 3). And there's no borough news about Greenwich in the back section,  not because there's quite enough about us in the front but because I forgeot to send any in. Aaaggggh..     
      Some time over this weekend I'll mail the 4 or 5 people who want to help with the Sustrans riverside path improvements so as to set up  a working group. Someone queried our priorities. For many of us getting our direct line commuter routes sorted is the key but we're already worked on that with TfL and it would be crazy to turn down the Sustrans offer on what is anyway a much needed project.
      Foot Tunnel 100th birthday: Sunday 4 August 2002: Tower Hamlets Cyclists want to get involved in this party, and so does every community etc group I talk to. Cllr Peter Brooks, who chairs Planning at Greenwich Council, has now asked the new Head of Transport at Greenwich (Dave Jessup) to work with Greenwich Cyclists to set up an event. I don't see this is a predominantly biked event, but one that links the communities north and south.....but with a real biked flavour of course. Hands under the water.  
      All our Bike Week events at now up on the website, so diary them now and look forward to a madly buzzy week. 
      And the Greenwich Mayor's Bike Ride is sneaking up much too fast.....Sunday 21 April........11am Cutty Sark. We're riding as helpers etc so please come along and help.    
      The new basic maintenance class on 9 April is filling fast..........contact me now if you want a place.
      And the Agenda for Wednesday 3 April, 7.30pm The Forum@Greenwich will look very like this:
      Intros and last meeting
      International Women's Festival review, and follow-up
      Mayor's Bike Ride
      Sustrans Rangering update
      Thames Path project
      Foot Tunnel closure and birthday
      Car Free Day 2002
      Grant applications
      Planning Issues
      Anything else?
      Pub at 9pm
      That's a meaty agenda and it would be great to see you there. We've a number of good projects for people to get stuck into, so do come and help. If you can't make it, let me know what you want to help with and I'll keep you posted direct.
      7232 0444
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