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Pedal Power 17 rush hour Tuesday/meeting/weekend/tunnel/Bala

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  • masonb
    Quiet was it? After a slight hibernation (the rides didn t) Pedal Power 17 (our normally monthly newsletter) hits the streets any day now. And here too. Please
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2002
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      Quiet was it?
      After a slight hibernation (the rides didn't) Pedal Power 17 (our normally monthly newsletter) hits the streets any day now. And here too.
      Please help leaflet/count the rush hour this Tuesday 5 March from 7-9am and catch maybe 500 bikes.
      Will the number heading for Canary Wharf under the tunnel overtake those heading down Creek Roads to the City?...It's getting close as London shifts east. We knew it makes sense. The demographic tension's unbearable, gather and get the results at once. Be there. Meet at the Cutty Sark foot-tunnel entrance Tuesday  at 7am, or just before, and we'll cover the tunnel and Creek Road Bridge. It's a really effective way to catch the like-minded on a blue sky sunny day. Or in a freezing rainstorm that'll make you feel really useful. And get a free coffee from me. Maybe. Let me know if you can be there. (Can I do the tunnel for once please?).
      Please mail me direct if you can help.
      Our next monthly meeting on Wednesday 6 March starts at 7.30pm, ends at 9pm at the From at Greenwich. 177 Trafalgar Road.
      1. Introductions
      2. Last meeting
      3. International Women's Festival events
      4. 2002 events generally, what do we want to do?:
      The Mayor's Bike Ride (21 April)
      Plumpstead Anti-Racist Festival
      Car Fee Day (22 September)
      National Bike Week (15-23 June)
      Hospice Ride
      5. Planning: Greenwich's new Unified Development Plan
      6.  May Day (Doug....)
      7. Rides generally
      8. And?
      9. Pub at 9.
      Foot tunnel: month's night time closure scheme has slipped till June. See Pedal Power.
      Saturday 2 March: Essex Explore. Meet 9am Cutty Sark or 10am Liverpool Street station.
      Sunday 3 March: Thames Path and the Greenway to Hackney. 30 odd nearly all off-road miles.
      Newish diary date: Sunday 5 May for the 172nd anniversary of the Whitstable to Canterbury first public railway ride.
      Bala: 9 of us locked in for the Wild Wales weekend. See August on the website. It will get full. Book now. Fire, forget, be happy.
      Sustrans Directors ride: 8 March. Woolwich to Islington. Mail me direct if you want/can join.
      7232 0444
      Critical Mass on Friday 22 February was a bit fine. 60 bikes, but sadly no music. And we went down Fleet Steet to St Paul's and over the unwobbly bridge on the day it opened. Most walked. Then back over Blackfriars Bridge to Holborn and Soho and Trafalgar Square and The Harp. And Gabbies in St Martin's Lane for fine value food.
      Locks Docks etc on Saturday 23 was a great bunch of people who did the 30 mile Cutty Sark/Woolwich Ferry/Isle of Dogs/Wapping/Tower Bridge/RRotherhithe/Greenwich circle befroe it got dark.
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