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Local cycle routes news

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  • Greg Englefield
    This month we have several bits of good news. Dave Moorhouse, the Greenwich Cycling Officer, sent us encouraging answers to various questions we put regarding
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      This month we have several bits of good news.

      Dave Moorhouse, the Greenwich Cycling Officer, sent us encouraging
      answers to various questions we put regarding cycle routes. We are also
      in regular touch with Sustrans developing the river route.

      Dave has managed to organise some surface improvements on Creek Road.
      He also reported that a bus lane is being considered for Creek Road
      going towards London on the Deptford side of the creek. This would help
      the many cyclists commuting into London. He also reported that
      consideration is being given to moving traffic lanes close to the
      junction between Creek Road and Norman Road. This may allow extra road
      space to be made available so that a cycle lane can be installed over
      Deptford Creek Bridge. We are particularly concerned about the safety
      of cyclists along Creek Road as this is an important cycle commuter
      route. We hope to develop a more detailed proposal for the whole road
      to put to the Council shortly.

      Isobel Stoddart of Sustrans had a meeting this month with the London
      Development Agency who are developing the site. We understand that an
      interim route will be opened next month along the river, with the full
      route opened next Spring (by the Queen). We therefore hope that
      cyclists will be able to ride from the Woolwich Waterfront to Thamesmead
      along the river from early November. This is great news as this route
      has been delayed by well over a year. Greenwich Cyclists are hoping to
      organise a launch ride.

      Dave Moorhouse reported that the Council are going ahead with the Pear
      Tree Lane cycle route linking Greenwich Yacht Club with the new
      Sainsburys on Greenwich Peninsula and Woolwich Road. This is a scheme
      that was supported by Greenwich Cyclists at a Council committee hearing
      earlier this year. Dave is now organising the works to be carried out.
      We have raised the issue of installing a controlled pedestrian / cycle
      crossing over Bugsby's Road along the route with Dave. He is aware of
      the lack of such a crossing which makes it difficult to cross this dual
      carriage-way, and we understand the Council will be looking at
      installing a safer crossing. We look forward to reporting further

      Dave reported that cycle lanes will be reinstalled around the new UCI
      cinema being built on Greenwich peninsula. We have also asked that
      dropped kerbs and a safe cycle route be installed across the roads
      leading to Homebase and Sainsburys so that cyclists can safely travel
      from the new footbridge over the A102M Blackwall Tunnel road to the
      cinema and then on to the new Millennium Village and the riverside cycle
      route. We hope that this linking work cn be done as the cinema is

      Dave has arranged for cycle lanes on Woolwich Road to be extended around
      the junction with Charlton.

      Sustrans are working to develop a temporary route linking Woolwich
      Dockyard to Woolwich Waterfront to get round the undeveloped site on the
      river dividing the two. We hope that an off road or pavement route
      could be created so that cyclists can avoid Woolwich Road. That would
      then just leave the link between the Flood Barrier and Warspite Road to
      solve in order for a complete off-road route linking the whole borough
      riverfront. We hope that this can be sorted out before next spring's
      Mayor's Ride.

      Many thanks to Dave for answering the questions and we look forward to
      working on further developments. Also to Isobel who is supporting
      Greenwich Cyclists.

      Next meeting Wednesday 1 November at The forum, Trafalgar Road, E

      Greg Englefield
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