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  • masonb
    (If you ve just joined us or were simply snoozing.. ..keep up......lovely Mark who I m writing to....works for the wonderful London Cycling Campaign and is
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2000
      (If you've just joined us or were simply snoozing..  ..keep up......lovely Mark who I'm writing to....works for the wonderful London Cycling Campaign and is assembling the list of Millennium Festival of Cycling - wka National Bike Week - events from boro coordinators. Now read on........)
      I got your letter of 11 May yesterday...Saturday...deadline for replies 15 May.....urgence makes the brain work harder.......(sorry to Greenwich Cyclists for somewhat pre-emptying our Thursday planning meeting...even more loads to do now...C'est la velo). 
      So, here is the voting from Greenwich Cyclists:
      Tate Modern: mille pwan
      Dome: quesque la pwan?   
      So.....here's our packed week...zero longitude.....
      17 June: feeder ride to daylong London Cycling Carnival in Mile End park: 3 joining options....
      9am: General Gordon Place, Woolwich/outside New Eltham station....then to.....
      9.45am: foot tunnel entrance: Cutty Sark Gardens     
      (please put my home email address masonb@... as well as my home fone: 020 7232 0444).
      18 June: Locks, docks and one smoking ferry: meet 11am Cutty Sark Gardens for a flat, 15 mile circle via the Lea crossing. Coffee. (At what airport?) (ed: what in bold or underlined). Followed by late veggie lunch at super Heather's. (No such ting as a free lunch).        
      19 June: Greenwich Cyclists Start-the weeker. Secret. 
      20 June: Bike to work day: meet 7.15am Cutty Sark Gardens and then to the Island Cafe (Union St/Southwark Bridge Road junction) to breakfast with Southwark Cyclists.    
      20 June: Bike to work day: all cycling employees of Greenwich Council - and anyone else too esp that Dome bungey lot - alfresco breakfast from 8.00am, General Gordon Place, Woolwich. If your bike won't eat the free breakfast, you can. Will we get the new Mayor on a bike? And the Chief Executive? And our new GLA member?
       (GG Place as a venue? And it's not the pigeons/winos I'm fuzzied about).    
      21 June: Midsummer madness: meet 1.15am (ed: he did say A.M.) Cutty Sark Gardens. 2am: meet other Hackney, Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham groups on south end of London Bridge. 3am: Bar Italia Frith Street for espresso kick. 4.43am: longest day sunrise from the top of Primrose Hill. Druids, DOS (dogs on strings). 8am: Sustrans southbank National Cycle Network launch.
      (car mag foto opp: CSG's 1.15pm.....there's always one...). Take the day off.    
      22 June: Evening quick scratch ride: meet 7.30pm Cutty Sark Gardens. MFC's record-busting shortest ride anywhere to a child-friendly bar. Less than a mile. You can do it. No free bike check. No support vehicle.      
      23 June: Friday afterworker: the Pilot: meet Cutty Sark Gardens 7pm for easy Dome-route ride to The Pilot. For one beer. Then on to Up The Creek comedy club. And clubnite after for serious boppers. Do not drinknride.    
      24 June: Greenwich history-in-a-day-ride: 11am: meet Cutty Sark Gardens...Quebec Heights, the descending uni-ball, the Arsenal, Clockwork Orange, Eltham Palace, is there moore? Said hepworth. .....
      25 June: Up the creek ride - along the river Ravensbourne......nearly all off road thru parks etc to Bromley. Meet 9.30am Cutty Sark gardens. Kingfishers, black redstarts, London's only rail-lift.       
      (overhead today at the opentop lido...Brixton Beach.....
      Her indoors and I were on our way home last night and this cop pulls us over.
      I said to him "officer, I'm really sorry, I just forgot to belt-up. I always do normally".
      She butts in..... "Liar. I'm always telling you to wear your seatbelt but you never listen......"       
      "Shut it" says I.
      Officer: "Does he always talk to you like that, madam?"
      "Only when he's pissed").
      (I've been really nice over the last couple of days to the 2 people who've said to me, coz I'm arty, "Great they've found a use for Battersea power station. Enuf. The third gets it). Great grate.
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