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Fwd: 20mph limits for 90% of Birmingham's Roads

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  • Francis Sedgemore
    First the City of London, and now Birmingham. Twenty s plenty is becoming, if you don t mind me saying so, an unstoppable jugonaut. Time to up the political
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2013

      First the City of London, and now Birmingham. "Twenty's plenty" is becoming, if you don't mind me saying so, an unstoppable jugonaut.

      Time to up the political pressure in the London boroughs.


      From: Anna Semlyen <anna.s@...>
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      Subject: 20mph limits for 90% of Birmingham's Roads

      20mph limits for 90% of Birmingham’s Roads

      A 20’s Plenty for Us Press Release 20 Sept 2013 http://www.20splentyforus.org.uk/Press_Releases/Birmingham20.pdf


      Birmingham plans for 90% of its roads to have a 20mph limit.  The UK’s biggest transport authority with over 1 million residents confirmed the extent of wide 20mph just one week after the City of London made its decision. With Cardiff and Edinburgh saying 20’s Plenty too, 20mph is spreading.


      Birmingham City Council has said the default should be 20 mph and introduced through ‘limits’ rather than ‘zones’.  Suitable for inclusion at 20 mph are: all residential roads; those with a designated high street function – defined as ‘primary shopping frontages’; roads designated as ‘secondary shopping frontages’; ‘B’ and ‘A’ roads with school entrances or schools; and roads with other local trip attracters such as parks/ leisure facilities, Health Centres and hospitals and public transport hubs and interchanges(1).


      The total capital cost is an estimated £7m, primarily funded through Local Transport Plan (LTP) Integrated Block Allocations, which are ring-fenced for transport schemes. Plus other funding such as the recent Cycle City Ambition Fund bid which secured £0.8 million towards 20mph schemes.


      The value of resulting casualty prevention is reported to be £5 million per year based on a conservative estimate in the reduction of collisions at 78 per year. Further benefits are from improvements in quality of life and encouragement of healthier and more sustainable transport modes such as walking and cycling;


      Founder of 20’s Plenty for Us, Rod King MBE, commented


      With Birmingham City and City of London becoming the latest traffic authorities committing to wide 20mph limits this creates a pivotal moment in enhancing the liveability, safety and active mobility of our communities.


      This is an opportunity for the Dept for Transport to recognise that most of its larger cities are rejecting the idea of the 75 year old 30mph “national” limit for urban roads. Its time to say that 20’s Plenty where people, live, work shop and go to school.


      Local authorities are playing their role in this transformation but it could be implemented far more cost effectively if the DfT. were to update its signage regulations so that only the exceptions of 30mph and above needed repeater signs.”


      Our ‘Time for 20’ initiative asks the Department for Transport to allow authorities to sign exceptions to 20mph limits which cuts the cost of implementing 20mph limits by up to 50%.  http://www.20splentyforus.org.uk/its_time_for_20.htm

      Our 209 20’s Plenty for Us campaign branches are at http://www.20splentyforus.org.uk/local_campaigns.htm

      Our 35 Briefing Sheets on 20mph limits are at http://www.20splentyforus.org.uk/briefings.htm


      For more info contact Anna Semlyen Campaign Manager anna.s@...   07572 120439


      (1) You can download the City Council Report as a pdf at http://tinyurl.com/birmingham20mph

      20’s Plenty For Us campaigns for a 20mph default speed limit in residential streets without physical calming.
      www.20splentyforus.org.uk  Twitter @20splentyforus

      Rod King MBE

      Founder & Campaign Director


      07973 639781

      Anna Semlyen

      Campaign Manager


      07572 120439

      Jeremy Leach

      London Campaign Co-ordinator


      07415 243015



      Dr Francis Sedgemore
      journalist, writer and physicist
      telephone: +44 7840 191336
      website: sedgemore.com
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