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Re: [greenwichcyclists] FW: Avery Hill Park Greenways - Pending works

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  • John Hollingum
    Hi, I frequently ride these routes and have done for many years. It looks to me like LBG are proposing to change a nice easy bike ride into an eyesore. Take
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      I frequently ride these routes and have done for many years.  It looks to me like LBG are proposing to change a nice easy bike ride into an eyesore. 

      Take the stretch marked 'detail 2' (the northern bit,  not the southern bit).  This is one of those naturally nice dirt/grass paths.  You know how sometimes a natural grass or forest surface can be more pleasant to ride on that one of those juddering badly made tarmac surfaces?  It's one of those.  It runs under an avenue of trees.   If they are going to use diggers there,  they  *will* damage the trees.

       On the southern side there are lots of very mature oak trees.  They nearly all have roots running over the surface  or only just under.  It's fun to ride if you've got fat tyres,  but its challenging.  I guess you could make a nice surfaced path if you cut down all the trees.  Oh what the hell,  let's just do that eh?

      If RBG really want to improve cycling why don't they put a kerbed-off cycle lane down Bexley road that my daughter and other Crown Woods students are too scared to ride down .


      John Hollingum
      Anthony Austin wrote:



      From: Brian Hanson [mailto:Brian.Hanson@...]
      Sent: 05 September 2013 15:49
      To: mark.budd@...; austin970@...; andrew.bashford@...; s.earp@...; bee_twidale@...; averyhillpark@...; Matt Clare; Eileen Glover; Adam Thomas; Denise Hyland; greenwichparksfriends@...; eltham nature club (elthamnatureclub@...); Nuala Geary (nuala.geary@...) (nuala.geary@...)
      Cc: Christopher Mason; Tim Jackson; Alex Djan; Sam Margolis
      Subject: Avery Hill Park Greenways - Pending works
      Importance: High


      Dear Colleagues


      I write to advise you that work on the approved Avery Hill Park Greenways – circular/leisure route -  will commence on Monday 9th September, starting with the construction of the  new sections of path (shown purple on the plan below), then finishing with improvements to the existing (shown blue).


      The contractor will  be working in relatively confined spaces, so the works should cause minimal disruption to Park users. Weather permitting all should be completed by the end of October.


      If you have any queries or other issues as the works progress, please do not hesitate to contact me.


      Kind regards


      Brian Hanson

      Hyder Consulting (UK) Ltd

      On behalf of

      Strategic Transportation

      Directorate of Regeneration Enterprise and Skills

      Royal Borough of Greenwich


      ' 020 8921 6114   Mob: 07850 975490

      * The Woolwich Centre, 35 Wellington Street, Woolwich, SE18 6HQ

      8 www.royalgreenwich.gov.uk



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