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Fw: 2013-2014 Cycle Parking Sites in RB Greenwich

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    Subject: 2013-2014 Cycle Parking Sites in RB Greenwich

    To whom it may concern
    I am writing to consult you on proposals to introduce new cycle parking facilities as part of Transport for London 2013-2014 LIP funding.
    6 potential sites have been identified across the borough at the following locations;
    Ø  Westmount Road – o/s Nos.126/128
    Ø  William Barefoot Drive – o/s Nisa Store
    Ø  Court Yard – o/s entrance to Eltham Palace
    Ø  Well Hall Road – o/s No.30
    Ø  Banning Street – adj. to Sir Francis Drake Court
    Ø  Royal Hill – o/s Meridian House
    Please refer to the attached plans.
    At the aforementioned sites, it’s our intention to provide 2 number ‘Sheffield type’ hoop stands (allowing for 4 number cycles to be parked at any one time at each location). The existing footway width at the sites has been assessed and is suitably wide to accommodate the stands and maintain a free flow of pedestrian movement.
    The policy background to this is to encourage cycling as a practical transport choice and improve the interchange between transport modes. These proposals support the findings of the recent Best Practice Review undertaken by The Royal Borough, where it was identified that new/additional cycle parking is needed at transport interchanges and key trip attractors.
    I would be grateful if you could take a look at the attached drawings and provide feedback/comments on the scheme proposals (that may affect your organisation and that are relevant to the scheme). If you have any queries, please telephone or email me by the Wednesday 24th July 2013.
    Kind regards
    Mark Reynolds
    Engineer (Cycling)
    Directorate of Regeneration Enterprise and Skills
    Royal Borough of Greenwich
    The Woolwich Centre
    35 Wellington Street
    SE18 6HQ
    Tel: 020 8921 5455
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