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  • Anthony Austin
    Hi Everyone I m guessing by now most of you have seen (or heard about) the new London Cyclist Weekly enewsletter? And know that there s an expanded monthly
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2013

      Hi Everyone


      I'm guessing by now most of you have seen (or heard about) the new London Cyclist Weekly enewsletter? And know that there's an expanded monthly version due shortly, to alternate with the magazine on first Thursdays of the month?


      Well I just wanted to urge you all on a few fronts:


      - Firstly to ensure that ALL your rides and events are entered on the LCC website. You can enter them for the entire year, in one go, so you don't have to keep revisiting. As the LCC website will be our primary tool for pulling together the ride/event info for the new enewsletters, it needs to be keep up to date. We've never had the chance before to advertise all the various LCC group rides on a weekly basis, so it should be a great opportunity for you to reach the 40,000+ subscribers.


      - Secondly, to let us know about your local news stories/campaigns/events, especially all the success stories. So feel free to write a few words and send a good quality image to me, at this email address. Sometimes we may only be able to add a link to your own website, but there's loads more scope to cover local issues than before. Which brings me onto my final point...


      - Thirdly, try to ensure your group website is kept up to date, especially the home pages or those relating to the most recent news in your area. Appreciate this isn't always easy - and that some of you are in the middle of ongoing changes to websites - but there will be more traffic than ever heading towards the sites, so the more info we can link to and point the subscribers to the better.


      Of course we'd also love to hear any ideas or suggestions for more in-depth features for the magazine. This will become a quarterly publication after the June issue (which we put to bed last week). The next issue will appear on the first Thursday in September.


      I thank you all for your support with the magazine over the last four years and look forward to hearing from you shortly about the new ventures.






      Editor, London Cyclist

      (+44 7971 830421)



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