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FRIDAY POST - weekly news from LCC

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    Subject: FRIDAY POST - weekly news from LCC (cross posted)


    Dear Borough Group Co-ordinators,


    Please share this weeks news with your groups.


    Many thanks


    London Cycling Campaign Team.


    CYCLING VISION PRESENTATION TO LONDON BOROUGHS. Attached are the following documents Andrew Gilligan’s presentation and discussion of the Mayors Vision for Cycling in London at City Hall this week


    1.       Vision Launch to Borough’s presentation by TfL’s Lilli Matson, Head of Delivery Planning & David Rowe, Head of Borough Projects & Programmes

    2.       LIPs Guidance

    3.       Cycling Bidding Guidance


    LCC RACE AT LONDON NOCTURNE - 4pm on Sat 8th June. The Urban Cycle Cross Race, organised by LCC is new to the London Noctune this year. Part criterium, part obstacle race, entrants will have to dismount and carry their bikes over ‘urban themed’ obstacles and detours during the race. All cyclists over 16 (except those with a racing licence) are welcome to enter, regardless of their skill, speed or type of bike. It costs £15 to enter, and registration is online here http://www.londonnocturne.com/urbancyclecross.php The LCC race is the first race in the programme with a capacity of 40 riders. The first lap will be a practice, so you'll have a chance to get to grips with the obstacles before the racing really begins.

    POLICY FORUM WORKSHOP - 6th June. Sign up for the Policy Forum Workshop on 6th June, which aims to think about possible themes/approaches for LCC's 2014 local election campaigning, which we can then discuss further at our late June Policy Forum meeting and pass on to the Board & Campaigners Conference. There'll be short lead offs from several speakers about recent campaign experiences, leading into a discussion of what key themes we might want to have, and how to go about a ward-based campaign. It's on Thursday 6th June at 6pm at Westminster University 's Marylebone Campus - so no clash with the recently announced Hackney Cycling Conference earlier that day. Let Rachel Aldred know if you can come either by email rachel@...  or register here - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16JQku7TgVcCcUT4yphaJricCa9w6NiZDLEjyjt9jV5g/viewform.

    DEADLINE FOR MAGAZINE BOROUGH INSERTS - 10am Tues 28th May. Please email your borough inserts to selena@... and copy in mike@... in the format you’d like it presented, ideally as PDF rather than just text. The borough insert should be a maximum of two sides of A4, and will be printed in black and white. Please note that it may not be possible to print borough inserts received after 10am on Tuesday.


    FOLDING TABLE & DISPLAY BOARD x1 – available FREE, collection only. Attached are photos of two items which are no longer needed by LCC office. Please email info@... by next Friday (31st May) if you’d like to take either of these items which will be recycled or given to charity otherwise.



    Charlie Lloyd (4 days a week)



    Stuart Dring & Anna Gudaniec (5 days a week)


    Magazine borough news

    Selena Calder (2 days week)


    Ordering LCC branded marketing materials

    Lucy Cooper (5 days a week)



    Lu Everett (5 days a week)






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