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Selling some stuff

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  • kris lowrie
    Hi all,   Apologies if this is a breach of list etiquette. I’m clearing out some stuff and wondered if anyone was interested. Just want to get rid of this
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 18, 2013
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      Hi all,
      Apologies if this is a breach of list etiquette. I’m clearing out some stuff and wondered if anyone was interested.
      Just want to get rid of this stuff I thought I’d try the lists before putting it on Ebay.
      All of these items are collection only from Isle of Dogs, with cash on collection.
      You are welcome to come and view the items.
      The first person to reply about an item will be given first dibs, provided you collect it in a reasonable space of time.
      Please respond to me directly (krislowrie@...) do not reply to the whole group to avoid annoying everybody.

      £75 Hi-vis Gore Bikewear Goretex Jacket (42-44 chest)
      Reversible jacket black and luminous yellow on one side, and grey reflective material on the other.
      Very light weight. Has a hood that zips away into the collar. A large pocket on the rump, accessible from both sides.
      I bought it a few years ago from Evans. I remember it being horrendously expensive (about £200) but somehow I hardly used it. Used only a few times.
      I don’t know if this jacket is still available but it is most similar to the Gore Bike Wear Countdown GT Jacket, on the Evans website at the address bellow.
      £40 Lemond Filmore fixed gear/single speed frame (2007ish) (Battleship Grey)
      Some scuffs etc but these blend quite well with the grey. It is made by Trek and is basically the same frame as the Trek and Gary Fisher fixies from this time.
      Steel Frame about 53cm (measuring down tube from centre of bottom bracket to centre of top tube) I’m about 5’11 tall and it fits me fine.
      This can be made into a fixed gear or single speed.
      Forks, Stem & Seatpost included
      There is no bottom bracket, so you’ll need to fit one (English thread) I can fit it for you if you like. I also have quite a few parts that we can do a deal on.
      £50 Aerorage Track Wheels Front & Rear (metallic purple)
      These cost £84.99 & £89.99 respectively when new
      I bought them for a fixed gear project. I used them a few times but they made the bike look too swanky & stealable :-) So they are still in near perfect condition.
      They have Hutchinson Fusion 2 ‘Tour de France’ tyres on them that are in new condition. These are not on sale any more but they cost £40each. I’m throwing these in with the sale. They are yellow and black.
      These wheels are on Evans website
      £50 Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and Padlock
      It is absolutely solid. These are about £130 on Evans now.
      I’ve used this fairly seldom because it weighs 10 ½ pounds! :-) It is in used condition, though it is really nearly new.
      Still have all three keys, one of which has a built in light.
      It would be ideal for anyone who wants to leave the lock in situ, for example at work or in a public place where you regularly chain up your bike.
      On Evans Website:
      £40 Kryptonite New York Lock M18
      These are £100 in Evans where I originally bought it.
      It has had little use, so it is still in good condition.
      This model is not supplied with a bracket (I presume because it is a bit heavy and large to fit in a bike frame).
      I have all three original keys, one of which has a built in light.
      On Evans:
      £15 Kryptonite Evolution, Series 4
      Moderate weight lock. Bracket to fit it to the frame.
      Can’t remember how much this was. I think it was about £40.
      It is in good condition. It has had light use.
      I’ve still got the original three keys, one of them has a built in light.
      I’m throwing in a light-weight ‘Kryptoflex’ which you can use to secure your saddle.
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