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Re: Avery Hill Park Acccessibilty Improvements [1 Attachment]

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    Greenwich Cyclists have made two onsite visits and discussed the issues at length at our monthly meeting on April  3.   We welcome with enthusiasm the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2013
      Greenwich Cyclists have made two onsite visits and discussed the issues at length at our monthly meeting on April  3.
      We welcome with enthusiasm the proposal to lift the prohibition of cycling on certain sections and to upgrade paths so as to create access to a circuitary route within the park. This would be popular recreational feature in fine parkland.  
      We urge that the path be at least two metres wide where possible and clearly marked for shared use by pedestrians, wheelchairs and cycles; a majority of us favour segregating cyclists from other users.
      On the southern section of the loop we note the present boggy condition of the path, possibly caused by a blocked up stream.
      The northern approach via Butterfly Lane is good; we recommend upgrading the footpath on the south side of Bexley Road from Butterfly Lane into a shared use two-way track leading eastwards to the traffic island across Bexley Road and into Gravel Pit Lane up to Crown Wood School. 
      We would like to see eventually a north-south route exiting from the southern loop via one of the footpaths.
      The western access as proposed from Southend Lane is not ideal as it starts less than one metre wide past the Water Conduit feature then plunges into unspoilt woodland; we would not wish to see the path straightened or widened to two metres for the sake of safe cycling sight-lines at the expense of shrubbery; nor would it be appropriate to seriously alter the gradient where the path emerges from the wood at the triangle junction with Butterfly Lane.
      An earlier suggestion to enter from Footscray Road over private land would be preferable in our view. The issues to be addressed here are (1) the padlocked gate (2) separation of a shared use path from the carriageway which is used by motor vehicles; we believe there is plenty of space to create this without detracting from the natural habitat. Access to this lane could be via a cycle/shared use path on the east side of Footscray Road downhill to the existing toucan crossing which continues the Greenway route.  

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      Subject: [greenwichcyclists] Avery Hill Park Acccessibilty Improvements [1 Attachment]

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      Subject: FW: Avery Hill Park Acccessibilty Improvements
      Hi Anthony
      This was the consultation email and notice which went out two weeks ago.
      Any feedback welcome.
      Sam Margolis
      Principal Transport Planner
      Royal Borough of Greenwich
      020 8921 2102
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      Cc: Sam Margolis; Samantha Thirlwell; Kim Smith; Alex Djan
      Subject: Avery Hill Park Acccessibilty Improvements
      Dear Colleagues
      I attach a copy of a notice that will be erected later today on the entrances to Avery Hill Park.
      This is a notice of proposals to exempt certain routes from a cycling prohibition otherwise imposed under the Parks Byelaws.
      You may recall that these plans were extensively discussed and broadly agreed with stakeholders early last year as part of the “Avery Hill Park Greenways” initiative. The proposals are now viewed as general accessibility improvements, as the proposed works will also open-up the treated routes to others who would have difficulty using them at present, including users of wheelchairs and parents with small children in prams, etc.
      I trust the attached is self-explanatory, but please do not hesitate to contact me or Sam Margolis should you have any queries.
      Kind regards
      Brian Hanson
      Hyder Consulting (UK) Ltd
      on behalf of R B Greenwich
      Tel: 020 8921 6114,  Mobile: 07850 975490
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