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6288Monthly meeting 3 October

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  • Stephen Craven
    Oct 1, 2007
      The monthly meeting of Greenwich Cyclists will be held this Wednesday, 3
      October at 7.30pm at the usual venue - Armada Centre, Macmillan Street (off
      Creek Road, Deptford)

      The agenda as follows-

      1. Introductions & Apologies

      2. Approval of September minutes

      3. Matters arising

      4. Planning issues -

      a) Greenwich Market - consultation by Greenwich Hospital Oct 5-6.

      b) Hexagon Estate

      c) M&S bike parking

      d) Royal Park Meeting - what do we want to discuss with the park

      5. Feedback from recent events

      a) Car-free day - 22 September

      b) Hovis Freewheel - 23 September

      6. Rides

      7. Website

      8. Pedal Power

      9. Any Other Business