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2865Proposed East Greenwich 20pmh zone

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  • Nick Williams
    Aug 1, 2003
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      Proposed East Greenwich 20pmh zone

      In my last planning note I omitted to mention this scheme.

      The Council is consulting residents on the introduction of a 20mph zone in this area, stretching from The A102m all the way to the University, north of the railway. They are proposing to introduce speed cushion on almost every side street within this are, except for Woolwich Road and Trafalgar Road and those that already have them!

      The plans can be seen at a public exhibition at the Forum on Trafalgar Road on Friday 1 August 10am � 8pm, or Saturday 2 August 10 � 4pm. Beyond this the plans are available at Peggy Middleton House, Woolwich during normal office hours by prior arrangement. (Contact is Brain Hanson 020 8921 6114).

      Proposed response

      I think we should generally respond in favour of the principle of the 20mph zones.

      But I would suggest that speed cushions � both the solid and patchwork variety � present us with a problem. They make cycling much more uncomfortable, they can make it harder to steer, especially if you are carrying heavy bags or panniers, and they may reduce our speed. Although the patchwork ones have a space for cyclists to pass through, they seem to encourage car drivers to forget lane discipline and veer into the sides of the road, where the cyclist is also trying to get through.

      Unfortunately the London Centre for Cycling Excellence have not responded to my request for information about best practice in this area. I would suggest we urge them to consider other traffic calming measures, such as width restrictions with properly enforced (i.e. no parking in front of them) cycle gaps on either side.

      Comments or suggestions directly to me please at bikepest@...

      Nick Williams





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