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11649THURSDAY (FRIDAY) POST: 31st July [2 Attachments]

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  • Anthony Austin
    Aug 1 6:37 AM



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      [Attachment(s) from Amy Summers included below]

      Hi everyone,


      Apologies for the Thursday Post, but I’m off on leave tomorrow.


      Some important Ride London updates and reminders, please do read through them or pass them on to those who are involved in organising the rides. Also some information on the awards, sending group mailings, board elections plus request for your feedback on workshops and campaigner awards at the AGM.


      In case you missed them last week, I’ve attached the minutes from the LG forum again, as well as those from the meeting March, which I promised to send round for approval.


      Have a nice weekend,


      Amy and the London Cycling Campaign Team




      ·         You should have your posters about the led rides that were sent last week, please do put them up and remember, if you tweet @london_cycling with a photo of the poster in a great location, we will find a prize for the best spot!


      ·         Marshals who volunteered through LCC centrally are being allocated to rides today – look out for the emails and make sure you get in touch with marshals to say hello, and give them any instructions, along with your Risk Assessment, Route and contact details.


      ·         Tabards, T-shirts, and Bike plates for the ride will be sent out tomorrow – so look out for those.


      ·         If you haven’t sent Charlie the Route and Risk assessment for the ride this is needed urgently – by Monday!


      ·         Please urge people to sign up for the led rides via this link: http://www.prudentialridelondon.co.uk/The_Events/Prudential_RideLondon_FreeCycle/Register.htm




      We have produced a special Bike Plate for Ride London, which says “I’m riding with LCC” and urges people to sign up to the newsletter to find out about more rides. These will be supplied to you along with cable ties. Please do hand them out before the ride so that people know who LCC are and have somewhere to go to find out more. We have a unique web link: www.lcc.org.uk/ridewithlcc on the bike plate so we can track people who sign up.


      After Ride London, we’d like to contact these people, possibly authoring them from the relevant local group, or at the very least include information about the local group and next ride within those emails. Amy will be in touch after the event to discuss this with you. We hope that this may encourage new people to join your rides and group meetings.


      BOARD ELECTIONS AND AGM MOTIONS – extended deadline – 11th August!

      The deadline for both nominations to the 2014 Board Elections and motions to the AGM has been extended to 9 a.m, Monday 11th August.

      More info:


      Board Elections: http://lcc.org.uk/pages/board-elections

      AGM Motions: http://lcc.org.uk/pages/agm-and-campaigners-conference

      Please do encourage any interested people to put themselves forward, particularly any female candidates who may wish to stand. And we would very much encourage individuals and groups to put forward motions. Remember, the board (and in turn, LCC staff) take instruction on what we work on, from the AGM i.e. YOU! So use this as your opportunity to influence and direct LCC policy, activity and campaigns.



      We are in the process of deciding the topics for the workshops at the AGM, if you have any suggestions of topics or skills you would like to cover, please let me know by next Friday 8 August


      We discussed the campaigner awards at the LG Forum, thank you for your input into this discussion – we are likely to run awards in 3 or 4 categories to celebrate the work and achievement of local groups and activists:


      1.       Ride or Local Event

      2.       Ride Leader

      3.       Campaigner / Campaign initiative


      More details will follow in due course. If you have any comments or feedback on the campaigner awards, please do let me know asap.


      LOCAL GROUP MAILINGS – using Engaging Networks - TRAINING


      As some of you may know, we use a system called Engaging Networks to send out our broadcast emails and actions. Whilst we are waiting for the a specific local group version (called Mighty Local), we can offer the use of Engaging Networks for local groups to send their monthly emails / regular mailings to members in their borough. Using Engaging Networks will ensure you have an up to date list of members for every mailing, and you can see how these emails are used i.e. if they are opened, and it’s easy to format them / include pictures etc. A few groups use this already. We will be running a training session in September to show you how to use this. Please contact me if you would be interested in joining this session and in using Engaging Networks for your mailings. This training will only be suitable for those who already fairly IT literate.




      ·         9th / 10th August – Ride London

      ·         23rd September – Current Cycling Research – Policy Forum Seminar: http://lcc.org.uk/pages/upcoming-seminars

      ·         11th October – AGM and Campaigners Conference








      space for cycling


      Did you know that thanks to our supporters 43% of borough councillors
      support local measures to create Space for Cycling on their patch? 
      And that Space for Cycling has majority support in over half of London's 
      boroughs? Check whether your councillor is on board at