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11640Re: [greenwichcyclists] Woolwich Ferry consultation

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  • louiseatbeadles
    Jul 25, 2014
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      Thank you Henry and Anthony.  For what it is worth I take the liberty of reprinting my main comments to TfL after ploughing through a document that deliberately misses all the main points.  More seriously it moves us in the direction of wasting a major opportunity to support the real growth modes of transport in London - PT and cycle.

      The assertion that "east London will need a number of new road-based river crossings between now and 2050..." is wholly unsubstantiated.  Asking businesses and random respondents if they want a free good is not a proper way to analyse demand.
      Once this assertion is made there is no room to discuss the REAL need for better public transport in the SE London quadrant.  Nor is there any scope to discuss how existing road crossing capacity could be more smartly used.
      The document is wholly based on a mendacious and tendentious set of fallacies and weasel-speak.
      I am annoyed that my taxes pay for such poor technical analysis; F minus for this effort.
      And please do read GLC Research Memo 185 on the induced traffic at the Blackwall Tunnel in 1968/69.

      Ian Blore
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