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11617Re: [greenwichcyclists] Tuesday - 50th birthday drink details

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  • malvina6266
    Jul 15, 2014
      Dear Francis,
      I overestimated my availability and will not be able to join in your celebrations, but may I take the opportunity know to wish a very happy and fit 50th birthday, and long may you continue on two wheels.
      best wishes

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      From: Francis Sedgemore francis@... [greenwichcyclists]
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      Following the invitation I sent on 10 July, this is to let you know that my 50th birthday celebration will be at the Princess of Wales, by Blackheath Pond, SE3 0RL...

      Pamela and I will be there by 20:30 at the latest, and probably a bit earlier. There was no rain today, and none is forecast for tomorrow, so the heath across the road from the pub will be dry.


      Dr Francis Sedgemore
      journalist, writer and editor
      telephone: +44 7840 191336
      website: sedgemore.com
      twitter: @hesgen

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