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Whale hunt update

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  • Dian Hardy
    ===== A message from the makahwhaling discussion list ===== FROM WASHINGTON CITIZEN S COASTAL ALLIANCE ... WHALES WIN THE MONTH: MAKAH EMPTY-HANDED THROUGH
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 1 7:32 AM
      ===== A message from the 'makahwhaling' discussion list =====



      May 31: Cloudy, unsettled, rough seas. NO hunting!

      Thanks to the on-water efforts of ODI and World Whale Police, as well as the
      inspired efforts of thousands upon thousands of dedicated citizens like you,
      May has come and gone, and the migration has passed safely!

      However, you can be certain that the Makah whalers will try again and again
      to kill SOMETHING, so stay tuned. Their so-called "Management Plan," which
      has been changed so often that we have suggested they use pencils, gives
      them "permission" to hunt until June 30 of this year.

      Keep the pressure on! Call your representatives and write letters to your
      local newspaper. And by all mean, if you can help ODI and World Whale
      Police, as well as the land-based Peninsula Citizens for the Protection of
      whales, please do so. These groups are always in desperate need of money for
      fuel, food and boat repair, and this is a CRITICAL moment in the campaign.

      Please visit www.stopwhalekill.org for information on how you can help!

      [Anchorage Daily News, Alaska]

      On May 1, 2000, Alaska Natives reported to the International Conference on
      Arctic Development, Pollution, and Biomarkers of Human Health, meeting in
      Anchorage, AK, that they are beginning to avoid consuming traditional marine
      mammals due to fear these animals are contaminated with pesticides, heavy
      metals, and other toxins. Increasing notice of tumors, lesions, spots, and
      sores in wild game has been documented by the Alaska Native Science
      Commission in a Traditional Knowledge and Contaminant Project over the past
      4 years.


      As Ocean Defense International finishes up its direct action campaign off of
      the coast of WA, preventing the killing of gray whales by the Makah Nation,
      we will also be gearing up for a trip to the 52nd annual meeting of the
      International Whaling Commission. The battle to stop this illegal hunt must
      be fought on the front lines as well as behind the scenes.

      Although the IWC still to this day states they did not approve the hunt, the
      US claims that a back door deal is all the approval they need. However,
      Dr. Ray Gambell,
      Secretary to the IWC, stated clearly, "You will not find anywhere a formal
      statement from the IWC that the Makah whale hunt is legal, since it has not
      made such a determination."

      It is now more important than ever to encourage the IWC delegates from
      around the world to stand up and demand a halt to this hunt - a hunt they
      did not sanction. It is equally important for our activists to be at the
      meetings to provide first hand accounts of the illegal hunt, the Coast
      Guards multi-million dollar use of deadly force, and the United States'
      blatant disregard for international law.

      We call upon the concerned and angered public to help our activists get to
      Australia at the end of June, and voice all of our outrage. We are in need
      of funds and/or a plane ticket (vouchers, frequent flier miles, etc...) to
      attend the meeting. Please get in touch ASAP if you are able to help us get
      to Australia, or send funds earmarked for "IWC trip" to:

      Ocean Defense Int'l
      PO Box 45275
      Seattle WA 98145

      Any extra funds or donations will be put directly into our 'direct action
      campaign fund'. Thank you for your support!

      [FROM CKNW]

      Activists are keeping an eye on the Makah natives
      in Washington state again. They have resumed their hunt for a grey whale
      today, the first time the Makah've been on the water since May the 12th.

      Anthony Marr of the group HOPE-GEO is concerned the Makah may try to avoid
      using a harpoon and the canoe as they try to kill a grey whale. "The
      monitoring by on-the-water groups like Ocean Defence International and World

      Whale Police has become even more important than before because there is no
      TV coverage today. The Washington state TV stations have been saying that
      they were running out of helicopter money. Without media scrutiny, the
      whalers would be sorely tempted to bypass the canoe and the harpoon, which
      have proven ineffective so far, and go straight for the .50 calibre rifle
      fired from a motorcraft, and the whales wouldn't have a chance."

      Marr says that the Makah appear to be violating their own guideline of not
      targeting resident whales or mothers with calves in their migration to the
      Bering Sea.


      "A lot of our problems are the kind that can be solved by throwing money at

      Coast Guard Commandant Admiral James M. Loy,
      AP Article, May 29, 2000

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    • Dian Hardy
      ===== A message from the makahwhaling discussion list ===== FROM WASHINGTON CITIZEN S COASTAL ALLIANCE ... SEKIU, WA: 10:45am PDT No hunting today-
      Message 2 of 5 , Jun 7 11:28 AM
        ===== A message from the 'makahwhaling' discussion list =====


        SEKIU, WA: 10:45am PDT

        No hunting today- although the seas are calm, the weather is cool, cloudy
        and foggy with occasional showers... Activists remain on alert!

        We also are eagerly awaiting the results of an investigation launched by
        Citizens Against Government Waste. CAGW is investigating the staggering
        amount of taxpayer money poured into this hunt by the Clinton/Gore
        administration. (www.cagw.org)

        Word has reached us that a decision in the Metcalf v. Daley appeal, heard by
        the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in February, may be reached this month.
        We will certainly let you know the moment the decision is announced.

        For further information on the illegal Makah whale hunt, please visit


        [Congressional Record: April 12, 2000 (House)]

        "Mr. Speaker, 2 days ago a mighty 35-foot long gray whale washed up on the
        beach in front of my home on Whidbey Island in Washington State. As a
        vociferous opponent of killing whales or the expansion of whaling worldwide,
        and as a lifelong advocate for the environmental health of Puget Sound, this
        recent event has been the cause of some amount of discussion and publicity
        in the region surrounding my district. Out of the 1,000 miles of coastline
        in Washington State, it was certainly an interesting coincidence that the
        body lodged right on the beach in front of my house.

        The death of this gray whale should call our attention to those who would
        like to reverse the will expressed in Congress and by an overwhelming
        majority of the American people who oppose allowing the hunting of whales,
        particularly for commercial purposes.

        As I have been predicting from the well of this House and across America for
        several years, the push for resumption of worldwide commercial whaling is on
        in earnest. And it is not about heritage, it is all about money. We have
        heard that a gray whale can be sold in Japan for $1 million.

        Those who want to end the ban on commercial whaling have been using the
        pretext of restoring whaling rights to indigenous people to expand the scope
        of whaling worldwide. But if we allow people to use the excuse of historic
        whale hunting for resumption of whale hunting worldwide, you have got to
        remember many nations, most nations with coastlines, hunted whales. Japan
        and Norway definitely would have, as
        good as anybody, an historic whale hunting opportunity. Japan and Norway are
        the most notorious now for going ahead and hunting whales.

        Newsweek Magazine reported, April 17, information I have already given this
        body that Japan has been quietly packing the International Whaling
        Commission with small nations willing to do their bidding, willing to vote
        for the resumption of commercial whaling.

        Mr. Speaker, we are dangerously close to a renewal of the barbaric practice
        of commercial whaling. To millions of Americans, including myself, this is
        totally unacceptable. When the Clinton-Gore administration last year
        financed the Makah tribal whale hunt and colluded with the pro-whaling
        nations of the International Whaling Commission, our Nation's government
        lost its moral authority to lead the fight against killing whales for
        profit. This was truly a tragedy. Whales were hunted almost to extinction in
        the late 1800s.

        Mr. Speaker, we must not allow the clock to be turned back to past days of
        barbarism. Republicans and Democrats in this body must stand with the
        American people and stop this conspiracy against these magnificent
        creatures. We must not return to commercial whaling."


        Wednesday, June 07, 2000
        Peninsula Daily News (www.peninsuladailynews.com)
        By Mark Morey

        SEKIU -- Two-dozen spectators, including anti-whaling activists, gathered to
        view the carcass of a gray whale found near the mouth of the Sekiu River on
        Tuesday afternoon.

        The young animal was about 30 feet long and appeared in good health, said
        Bob Ness, owner of Chito Beach Resort of Clallam Bay. It showed no visible
        evidence of injury or other wound, Ness said.

        Brian Gorman, a spokesman for the National Marine Fisheries Service in
        Seattle, said the beaching was not unusual. "It's that time of year," Gorman

        Ten gray whale deaths have been reported this spring in Puget Sound and
        along the outer coast, far below the record 26 fatalities last year in the
        region. Some of the animals, which haven't eaten much since November, seek
        food outside their normal Pacific migration route and then die for unknown
        reasons, Gorman said. A marine service biologist generally responds to each
        location to conduct a necropsy, or at least take tissue samples and

        Ness, the resort owner, said up to 30 people gathered at the mouth of the
        river, about five miles west of Sekiu, to observe the whale. They recorded
        its presence about 50 yards from shore with cameras and camcorders, and a
        diver checked the carcass.

        'Rolling with the waves'
        According to initial reports in the late afternoon, the animal may have
        still been alive then. However, "judging from what I saw out there, it was
        probably just rolling with the waves," Ness said.

        Activists who oppose the hunting of gray whales by the Makah tribe at Neah
        Bay also gathered at the scene.
        Chuck Owens, the Joyce resident who helped found the Peninsula Citizens for
        the Protection of Whales, traveled to Sekiu to see if he could help the
        animal if it was still alive.

        Members of the group calling itself World Whale Police, staying at Sekiu to
        oppose the Makah hunts, also filmed the animal, Ness said.

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      • Dian Hardy
        ===== A message from the makahwhaling discussion list ===== FROM WASHINGTON CITIZENS COASTAL ALLIANCE ... No news from NMFS yet on the Environmental
        Message 3 of 5 , May 10, 2001
          ===== A message from the 'makahwhaling' discussion list =====


          No news from NMFS yet on the Environmental Assessment... keep your fingers
          crossed and eyes open, though. Hopefully we'll have SOME news on this soon.
          However, the old adage "no news is good news" is very appropriate in this

          You have to see this to believe it...

          The New Times is running a multi-part series on the gray whale. This is an
          absolute "must read!" Take a look at: http://www.newtimes.com/shadesofgray


          "...Rev. Martin Brokenleg, an Episcopal priest, Augustana College professor
          and enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, asked the Dalai Lama what
          advice he would offer American Indians to better maintain their sense of
          identity and spiritual growth.

          "Certain customs, due to the way of life, cannot be preserved," the Dalai
          Lama said. "The ways of life change. Societal systems change. These things
          have to go."

          Speaking briefly to his translator, the Dalai Lama continued: "Honesty,
          sincerity, truthfulness and compassion remain useful in our daily life.
          Through awareness and education, through that, we can preserve (cultural

          Argus Leader, Sioux Falls, SD, May 10, 2001


          "Norway and Japan, traditional whaling nations that oppose the Whaling
          Commission's ban on whale hunting, are giving the tribal leaders their full
          support because they believe the Makah request could yield the precedent
          they need to resume commercial whaling at full capacity. Meanwhile, there
          have been reports that the Makah elders who oppose the whaling request have
          been harassed and told to keep silent by younger tribal leaders."

          Aaron Sachs, "Eco-Justice: Linking Human Rights and the Environment,"
          Worldwatch Paper 127, Worldwatch Institute
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