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Countdown to Orangutan Diary

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  • bosf_uk
    Dear Friends of the Orangutan, It’s finally here! The long-anticipated series of Orangutan Diary WILL air next week, 2nd through 6th April on BBC1 at
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      Dear Friends of the Orangutan,

      It’s finally here! The long-anticipated series of Orangutan Diary
      WILL air next week, 2nd through 6th April on BBC1 at 7pm nightly.
      (Also airing Worldwide on Animal Planet---check your local listings).


      BOS UK was able to get a sneak preview, and without giving away too
      much, we can tell you that you are going to love it! Grendon, Lomon
      and Kesi all feature prominently along with a few new characters you
      will meet along the way. The series is presented by BOS patrons Steve
      Leonard and Michaela Strachan, who will introduce you to the Nyaru
      Menteng Project and the work of the BOS team in Borneo. Please tune
      in, and tell all your friends. Suitable for all ages. If you like what
      you see, please let BBC knowâ€"we are hopeful that with the positive
      viewer response we anticipate that we will be commissioned to begin
      shooting a second series, allowing us to bring the issues facing
      orangutans and the rainforest to an ever-growing audience.
      You can send your comments to the BBC at this location
      or email to Points of View at pov@....
      We would also welcome your feedback info@....

      Each day before the programme, a new video clip featuring new angles
      on the orangutans will become available. You can simply download and
      watch, or subscribe to receive automatic podcast updates. For full

      Michaela Strachan, BOS patron and presenter of Orangutan Diary,
      has arrived in the UK (she now resides in South Africa) in order to
      help promote the Orangutan Diary series and the work of the BOS Nyaru
      Menteng Project. Already she has done interviews with a number of
      national newspapers and magazines, as well as radio stations, and you
      can look out for her on BBC Breakfast on Monday 2nd April.

      Michaela says, “I am delighted to be a part of BOS. It is such a
      fantastic charity and I have so much admiration for Lone and her team
      who work so hard and tirelessly for all the orphans. The plight of the
      orangutan is at a critical stage. We can not be complacent. The
      species’ only hope is dedicated people like Lone and BOS. Not only
      does the charity rescue so many desperate individuals but it also does
      vital work to protect what forest is left and to stop the continuing
      destruction of the orangutan’s home. How can any of us watch an animal
      like an orangutan disappear? We simply can't let that happen”

      “To be a part of the work BOS does was a privilege. Going to Borneo
      and getting involved with all the orphans was an amazing experience.
      Getting to know characters like Lomon, Kesi and Grendon was uplifting
      and meeting Lone was inspiring. Saving the orangutan is an uphill
      struggle but BOS takes a few steps up that hill every single day. With
      support, the orangutan CAN be saved. Without, we can say goodbye to
      another incredible species. Watching orangutans become extinct surely
      is not an option.”

      BOS is grateful for the generous praise and support we receive from
      Michaela. Read more about Orangutan Diary and Michaela at

      Steve Leonard, BOS patron and presenter of Orangutan Diary, has
      finished up his UK lecture series to enthralled audiences across the
      nation. BOS UK had an opportunity to meet up with Steve and see his
      presentation in Brecon and were delighted with the sincerity with
      which Steve described his experience at the BOS Nyaru Menteng Project.

      His self-deprecating humour and friendly manner make the audience feel
      like they are with an old friend, but his message for conservation is
      undeniably strong. We hope we can persuade Steve to do more
      presentations in the future. Steve says: "BOS is doing such important
      work, I was amazed at the dedication and hard work of all the staff.
      Time is running out for orangutans--the time for action is now."
      You can read more from Steve at these links:

      It’s trueâ€"you can adopt your own celebrity (orangutan, that is!)
      The stars of Orangutan Diary, Grendon, Lomon and Kesi are all
      available for adoption.

      Tune into Orangutan Diary on BBC1, 7pm, 2nd-6th April and meet them.
      We are sure you will find them irresistible! Find out more about
      adoptions by visiting www.savetheorangutan.co.uk.
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