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  • Paul Rance
    An inspiring email, Michael. I picked up a few acorns a few days ago, and, as you say, no-one hates trees (I think). Anyone can plant a tree. Kind Regards,
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 6, 2006
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      An inspiring email, Michael. I picked up a few acorns a few days ago,
      and, as you say, no-one hates trees (I think). Anyone can plant a

      Kind Regards,
      Paul Rance/Green Vibrations founder.

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      <michaelpault@...> wrote:
      > Lately, I've had a few new communications with folks around the US
      > and Britain about planting trees... My estimate is that there are
      > about 500 people doing this now and the #s continue to slowly
      > MikeThis brief letter describes my service to the environment. It's
      > unique in its' simplicity, and effectiveness. Feel free to share
      > letter as you wish to. In the brief time that I've been sharing the
      > idea, a great many have chosen to do this effortless service .
      > thanks and take care,
      > Mike Traster
      > For the last 6 or 7 years I've been engaged in a "radical" activity.
      > It might cost me 3 bucks a year in gas, and 2 hours of my time...
      > Up here in Oregon, there are lots of Alder trees... They are fast
      > growing robust trees. They grow well in the gulleys, where water
      > collects, fix nitrogen to the soil, help retain ground water, and
      > cool the ground with shade.
      > I collect the mature seeds which look like 3/4 inch long pine
      > Each one has about 25 seeds in it.
      > As seed growth varies, I collect from two thousand to 20,000 of em
      > yearly. A few times, we've filled up a big shopping bag with them.
      > While driving along, I stop safely at the side of the road and cast
      > out ten or twenty at a time...over the rail, into the gulleys where
      > there are no overhead wires...
      > This is not on private property. You get good at it after a while,
      > and spotting places to toss seeds next time too :) .
      > I see it this way... They can't mow those steep gulleys or develop
      > them.. If just one in 200 seed cones makes a tree, I've planted 10
      > 100 trees a year. Around year four, they make "copies" of
      > themselves.
      > By now, hundreds of trees have grown, and half of them are already
      > making many more trees Each year. By the fourth or fifth year,
      > mother nature is doing more planting than I am... so we work
      > together...
      > It is a perfect "radical" activity
      > no one approves or disapproves of it
      > no one gets hurt
      > no one is wrong or right
      > no advertising is needed...
      > The trees are good for you , me, critters, the air, ground water,
      > less warming...etc etc..
      > It takes no law to do it
      > The city council didn't vote on it..
      > It's not part of the tax base..
      > you don't get taxed for doing it
      > Since we live in widely varying climates, you might want to plant
      > tree seeds found where you live... oak, maple, alder, horse
      > chestnut... chestnut, the list goes on .You might plant local
      > peach pear or other fruit trees. A bit of indigenous black berry
      > might make a fine perimeter somewhere, bringing cooling shade, and
      > fine some food.
      > The little gulleys are each a living oasis.... insulated from
      > everyone by their closeness to the rail , their small size, and
      > steepness , they support life and add to the environment in
      > ways . Imagine a couple of effortless hours in a year... with these
      > results....
      > One man named Elzeard Bouffier exemplified this idea. While long
      > tending a flock of sheep up in the high plains, he planted dozens
      > various tree seeds daily. When he had finished he'd planted a
      > forest... 20 by 20 miles.... Imagine a 400 square mile forest
      > created by one man ....while he was doing his regular work!!
      > If you look up "the man who planted trees" you can read about him.
      > Enjoy planting trees and the wealth it will create for us all.
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