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TAKE ACTION: Help Stop the Dolphin Slaughter.

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    Take Action: Stop the Dolphin Slaughter... PLEASE SEND THIS E-MAIL TO ALL YOUR CONTACTS ... ... TAKE ACTION:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2006
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      Take Action: Stop the Dolphin Slaughter


       A few days ago, a colleague of mine passed on a video that may just be the most disturbing footage I’ve ever seen in my life. Half a world away, dolphins and whales are being chased, trapped and killed by the thousands. At the end of the day, the only trace of the slaughter is an ocean stained red and videos like this one.

      Watch more videos:

      Japan’s annual dolphin hunting season has just gotten underway. Over the next six months, the hunt is expected to kill more than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises as a form of "pest control." Officials claim that the dolphins eat too many fish, but those that are slaughtered are sold off to supermarkets and grocery stores.

      >> Take Action: Contact the Japanese Embassy and urge an end to the massacre

      Dolphins and whales that are targeted in this hunt include bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales and striped dolphins. Several of the species are considered to be threatened with extinction. The truth is the impact of these hunts on the marine mammal populations is unknown due to the lack of good population size estimates for the various targeted species. Scientists also don’t know the extent of the disruption the massacre causes on the complex social structure of the dolphins or the effect on the ecosystem of removing so many large animals out of a small area.

      The Japanese dolphin hunters have admitted that they are worried their government may soon shut them down in light of international outrage over the hunt. As the publicity grows, the hunters are forced to hide their actions. They erect fake signs to divert the general public from the coves where the dolphins are ultimately trapped and have outlawed photos and videos of the killing.

      I understand if you just can’t bear to watch the video, part of me wishes I hadn’t. For those of you that do choose to watch it, remember the three minutes and 16 seconds it takes is about half as long as some of the dolphins take to die. Please take action today.

      For the oceans,
      MaureenMaureen Bonner
      E-Activism Manager

      Thanks Hardy

      We'd like to give special recognition to dolphin activist and filmmaker Hardy Jones, our long time friend and Ocean Council member, at bluevoice.org for his tireless work on this issue and for his brave -- and often risky efforts -- to get video documentation of the slaughter on tape over the past 30 years. He will be returning to Japan within the next few weeks to continue this important work.
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