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E-Newsletter 26: Author of the Week: George Anne Smith

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  • muses review
    muses review wrote: Muses Review - Weekly E-Newsletter. Issue 26 April 23, 2006, Sunday- April 29, 2006, Saturday A. Author
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      muses review <editor@...> wrote:
      Muses Review - Weekly E-Newsletter. Issue 26
      April 23, 2006, Sunday- April 29, 2006, Saturday
      A. Author of the Week: April 23 - Apr 29, 2006
      George Anne Smith  from Oregon is our author of the week.
      GeorgeAnne Smith published her poembook "A Voice In the Night"  in 2005.
      See author details at:
      B. Announcements
      a. Sam Silva wins "2nd Manila Prize - Best Poem of Past Books"  
      for his poem "What They Did To Gandhi".
      b. Gail  White wins "2nd Manila Prize - Best Poem of Past Books
      for her poem "Flight To Egypt".
      c. 3rd Muses Prize - Poetry  has already begun!!!
      Begins:  January 2006 Ends: December 2006.
      Note: Only poetrybooks/chapbooks published in 2006 are eligible.
      C. Featured Writers of the Month in Winter 2006:
      a. Edward Einhorn (New York) Jan
      b. Brian R. Smith (Illinois)        Feb
      c. Marilyn Meredith (California) Mar
      D. Featured Poets of the Month in Winter 2006:
      a. Harry E. Gilleland Jr. (Louisiana)                Jan
      b. Ellaraine Lockie (California)                       Feb
      c. Gary Lehmann (New York)                         Mar
      d. Pamela De Leon - Lewis (New York            Apr
      E. New Authors' Homepages in Muses Review:
      a. www.musesereview.org/laurastamps.html      (South Carolina)
      b. www.musesreveiw.org/joefarley.html             (Pennsylvania)
      d. www.musesreview.org/ellarainelockie.html       (California)
      e. www.musesreview.org/garylehmann.html         (New York)
      f. www.musesreview.org/joanneolivieri.html            (California)
      k. www.musesreview.org/ilonahegedus.html       (Hungary)
      l. www.musesreview.org/nadiabrown.html           ( Florida)
      m. www.musesreview.org/theresagrant.html       (Maryland)
      n. www.musesreview.org/kitwilson.html              (Virginia)
      o. www.musesreview.org/robingorley.html          (California)
      Do you want a homepage in Muses Review?
      F. Books received by Muses Review in Year 2006.
      1. Bubbling Up Release From Within (2004)
      by Sharon Lynne Farley (Arizona)
      2. Wing Beat (2004)
      by Marilyn Meredith (California)
      3. Back Words and Forward (2005)
      by Anthony Liccione (Texas)
      4. A Voice in the Night (2005)
      by George Anne Smith (Oregon)
      5. Smiling Thru The Tears (2005)
      by Pamela De Leon - Lewis (New York)
      6. Sailing to Oblivion (2005)
      by Richard Moore (Massachussetts)
      7. Nick and Slim (2005)
      by Pamela Henn
      8. Hormone Stew (2005)
      by Patricia Wellingham-Jones (California)
      9. The World's Last Rodeo (2006)
      by AD Winans (California)
      10. The Finite Beat (2005)
      by Miles J Bell (England)
      11. Voices  Silently Speak (2005)
      by Lena Rai (Michigan)
      12. Selected Poems 1972-2005 (2005)
      by Eric Greinke
      13. Punahou Blues (2005)
       by Kirby Wright (California)
      14. A Lifetime of Words (2005)
      by Robin Gorley (California)
      15. A Lifetime of Words: Spirit for the Soul (2006)
      by Robin Gorley (California)
      16 The New Renaissance #37(2006)
      Edited by Louise T.  Reynolds (Massachussetts)
      17. Upstaged  (Publish America, 2005)
      by Aaron Paul Lazar
      Send your poetrybooks or poem chapbooks, playbooks, novels  to Muses Review.
      G. Poetry CDs received by Muses Review in 2005
      a. Larry Pontius 'Warm Harbor and Other Places to Hide" (2005)
      (correction, not Lyrics of Life)
      b. Valerie Hawkes Howat "So This Is Love" (2005)
      c. Valerie Hawkes Howat "Intervals Of Light" (2005)
      Please send your Poetry CDs to our postmail address.
      H. Poetrybooks With Past Dates  received by Muses Review in 2005.
      1. Drinking and Eating (2003) by Sam Silva (North Carolina)
      2. The Price of Everything (2001) by Gail White (Louisiana)
      3. Dreams at the Aubon Pain (2003) by Doug Holder (Massachussetts)
      4. Dreams That Won't Let Me Alone (2004) by AD Winnans (California)
      5. The Naked Scarecrow (2000) by Richard Moore
      6. Voices on the Land (2004)
      Patricia Wellingham-Jones (California)
      7. Don't Turn Away (2000)
      Patricia Wellingham-Jones (California)
      8. Before the City (2003)
      by Kirby Wright (California)
      I. Book Ads of the Week:
      1. Bob the Dragonslayer
      by Harry E. Gilleland Jr.
      "It combines elements of King Arthur and Lord of the Rings. Book is easy to read. Entertaining. Funny." - Muses Review.
      )$More details at:
      2. The Gourmet Paper Maker
      by Ellaraine Lockie
      "A very good instruction book on how to make home-made paper from vegetable wastes or fruit wastes. Very ecologically-friendly.Easy to understand, lots of colored photos. A good investment. Additional source of income for poets, writers, editors."
      - Muses Review
      More books at:
      3. Hope and Desire
      by Theresa Grant
      A romantic novella. (under review)
      Note: We only sell poetry books and fiction books.
      Note: We do not sell science books.
      J. Muses Review - Weekly E-Newsletter
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      K. Do you want to advertise in this weekly newsletter?
      Contact: admin@...
      L. Add My Links.  This is free.
      Add your links to Muses Review at:
      a. Writer websites:
      Theresa Grant's website is added
      b. Poet/Writer  websites:
      Terri Ann Armstrong's website is added.
      Ann Shiever's website is added.
      c. Poet websites:
      Pamela De Leon- Lewis's website is added.
      N. Add My Books (This is free book ads.)
      a. Poetrybooks added in Add My Books - Section
      i. Gilleland Poetry by Harry E. Gilleland Jr. (Louisiana)
      ii. Poetry for the Common Man by Harry E. Gilleland Jr. (Louisiana)
      b. Fiction books added in Add My Books - Section
      i. Hope and Desire by Theresa Grant (Maryland)
      M. Submit  Your Resume.
      We are looking for:
      a. editors,
      b. book reviewers,
      c. stage actors for my poetic play:  Dionysius and Alessandra....
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