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FW: help the dogs

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  • Alexandra Yurkiw
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      Subject: Fw: help the dogs



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      Subject: help the dogs





      The StraydogsCampaign is getting many requests for help and we review each seperate request very carefully. This because our time, means and human resources are limited and we like to make sure that the help we offer is effective and that is goes to that project which needs help the most at that time.

      Unfortunately we have to disregard most of the requests with nothing else we can do but point them to other organisations.

      This time however, we received a request that we believe realy needs our and your support very badly.


      Through Banu Erguder, former employee of the SHKD, we received a request regarding 2 ladies in Instanbul. Both of these ladies have dedicated their lifes to the dogs and they are both living among and with the dogs for years and years on two adjecent, fallowed pieces of ground.


      This dogcentre exists of two parts. One part is occupied by Cemile who is taking care of approximately 100 dogs there. Some 50% of these dogs are small (mixed)breeds and the other 50% are medium sized (mixed) breeds. And then there are about 4 large (mixed) breed dogs. Often people bring her even more dogs. Cemile lives on the same site as the dogs in a small, 1 room wooden  building that was donated to her as well as 4 containers. The site on which Cemile lives with the dogs has no electricity or running water.

      There is a watertank and the municipality will fill the tank when needed. But that is all the help she is getting from the municipality.

      There are 2 women that help Cemile with the medical expenses, if needed, Cemile can take a dog to the veterinary clinic and these 2 women will pay for it. Another woman is helping by sending bread three times a week for the dogs. And a caring gentleman has donated the use of his car, 6 times a week, so a search for food by hotels, restaurants and factories can be held.


      The dogs and their current shelters...


      In the other part of the dogcentre lives Nilufer together with 300 dogs. For the past 19 years she has cared for hundreds and hundreds of stray dogs all by herself. Half of the 300 dogs here are medium sized dogs, the other half are big sized dogs. And there are about 10 tiny dogs, Yorkshire Terrier sized. Nilufer receives less support than Cemile and therefore she is spending 2 till 3 hours a day only with collecting some food for the dogs.  After that, she's another 5 till 6 hours a day busy feeding the dogs, providing them with water and with cleaning the terrain. Nilufer has 2 containers that were donated to her for the dogs. All dogs in this part are neutered/spayed and were vaccinated some time ago. Like Cemile, Nilufer has no electricity or running water available to her. She too has a watertank that the municipality fills, if needed. There is one woman helping Nilufer with the medical expenses of the dogs.


      This past summer both ladies and the dogs had to move because the site they used for their dogcentre was being sold.  Luckily both ladies found a new site and with the help of a lady who has donated fencing materials and with the help of a company who donated labour, the current sites are now fenced in and the new site for the dogs is ready as described above.

      But when they were moving from the previous site to this current location, many of the dogshelters fell apart due to the miserable condition they were in. Most of Cemile's dogs will be able to get through the winter with the help of the containers that can be used as shelter for the dogs. But for Nilufer's dogs there is not nearly enough shelter for the dogs to find some form of protection from the elements. There are 150 dogshelters needed to provide each dog with a shelter. And with winter approaching rapidly, urgency is needed.

      During the course of this story, you will have noticed that there is no money going on in this dogcentre, goods and services are donated...but there are no financial means whatsoever.


      The shelters that did survive the removal....


      Because this dogcentre is completely depending on the unpaid work of these two ladies, the donations made by some caring locals and the kindness of a few bakeries that donate bread, there is no possibility whatsoever that money can be found or raised for the 150 dogshelters that are so badly needed.


      With the images of Istanbul, last winter, still in mind, the enormous amounts of snow, the cold temperatures, the StraydogsCampaign is convinced we need to do anything in our power to help these dogs make it through the winter.


      Look at our own dogs, nice and warm curled up in their basket, on their own dogbed maybe...or perhaps even curled up on or in our own beds. And to think that these dogs in the dogcentre will have to survive the winter outside, cold and wet, with no protection from the wind, rain or freezing cold, then we simply must be able to help these dogs.  


      We will inform you on our website about this "Help these dogs through the winter" action. There, you will find the updates on this action and we will inform you about the exact amount of dogshelters the action has brought in up till date.


      The costs of one dogshelter, including materials and labour, are 25 euro.



      You can donate a contribution to:


      gironr: 42 13 567


      in the name of: L.J.D. Taal-Sassenus



      stating "Dogshelter"


      IBAN NL51 PSTB 0004 213567


      BIC PSTBNL21



      Help us help these dogs! 

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