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Unless You Write...A Torturing, Murdering, Monster Will Go Unpunished

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  • Brennan Browne
    Please note that there have been no more than FIVE (5) emails sent to the District Attorney.  It was my understanding that there was absolute outrage with the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2012
      Please note that there have been no more than FIVE (5) emails sent to the District Attorney.  It was my understanding that there was absolute outrage with the ways things were being handled based on the fact that a man who allegedly chained and then bludgeoned this animal will walk free.  Apparently there is not the anger and frustration I had anticipated.  This man will walk free and have no record.  Good luck to his next neighbor or the dog who wonders into his yard next.
      This is a great example of folks assuming someone else will handle this horrific problem.  Absent public demands for justice, the District Attorney has no motivation to take action. This case will simply fade away and the victim of this crime will be forgotten.  
      A summary of this case:
      A Canton man was arrested last week after he beat a dog to death with a hammer.
      Canton police dispatch received a call from witnesses saying “they could hear the man choking the dog until it was dead.”
      Officer James Bradshaw arrived at the residence on Tower Street where he met with 45-year-old Keith Weldon Meredith.
      There was evidence of a claw hammer at the scene and an approximately 35 pound bulldog lying in a pool of blood, Bradshaw said.
      According to reports, the dog had been choked to death and left lying dead on the side of the house.
      Bradshaw asked Meredith why he killed the dog. He was advised “he was being aggressive towards him.”
      Bradshaw advised Meredith he should have contacted the police department “to report a dangerous dog to animal control.”
      “Meredith had no injuries on his legs where he advised the dog had attacked him,” Bradshaw said. “While speaking with Meredith he advised it wasn’t his dog, it was a friend’s.”
      Bradshaw said if it was not his dog, then he must have had a complaint with the friend and should have confronted the friend.
      According to reports, a blue nylon rope had been placed around the dog’s neck which was still in place that made indentions around the dog’s neck.
      “It was apparent,” Bradshaw said. “That the tethered dog had been chocked and struck in the head causing death.”
      Bradshaw advised Meredith that he did not feel the death of the dog was justifiable and according to reports Meredith advised he understood and he had “made a mistake.”
      “There is no excuse for what he did,” Bradshaw said. “It was blatant disregard.”
      Meredith was booked in to jail on animal abuse charges and the report has been filed with the district attorney’s office. Bradshaw did confirm Meredith has a previous history of assault.
       Monday, April 23, 2012 10:33 AM
      Subject: URGENT - Van Zandt DA unwilling to prosecute
      The District Attorney is saying that he took this case to a jury which “no billed” or denied to file charges against Keith Weldon Meredith.  The DA, as set forth in the email below, has made it very clear that he is not interested in prosecuting this case.   A summary of his actions are below but a brief reminder – Keith Meredith tied a dog to a tree and then methodically beat the animal to death while it cried out in pain.  The statute provided herein does not require the DA send the matter before a grand jury.  The DA could have very easily charged and prosecuted Meredith himself. It appears the DA did this in an attempt to avoid prosecuting Meredith. 
      The statute which is applicable to this case is Texas Penal Code Section 42.092.  http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/txstatutes/PE/9/42/42.092
      1.        Make immediate contact with the following via email:
      Van Zandt District Attorney
      Chris Martin
      CBS 19
      Abby Broyles
      Canton Herald
      Julie Vaughan, Editor
      Annette Falconer
      2.     Send a polite but direct email to the DA (copy the media with this same email) summarizing your position and requesting (do NOT cut and paste as that will get little, if any, attention from the intended recipient)

      a.        Request Keith Meredith be charged and tried under Section 42.092 of the Texas Penal Code;
      b.      Request that additional evidence be submitted to a new grand jury, specifically witness statements and the direct testimony of Officer Bradshaw, not just a report that was likely ambiguous;
      c.       Note 42.092 was created for the sole purpose of prosecuting the specific crimes perpetrated by Keith Meredith;
      d.      Failing to prosecute will allow this offender to avoid punishment and return to society to commit further, possibly more heinous crimes against people and animals; and
      e.      Request Keith Meredith be charged with a state jail felony serving the maximum sentence allowed by law.

      From: Sent: Friday, April 20, 2012 8:13 PM
      Subject: Arresting officers statements in Canton Herald
      This is the response from the DA's office :
      The Van Zandt County Grand Jury reviewed all the evidence in this case, including the report of Officer James Bradshaw, and were instructed on the law regarding animal cruelty. Once all the evidence was presented to the Grand Jury, they deliberated and decided the case in secrecy according to the law (Article 20.02, of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure). Neither myself or my staff was involved in the Grand Jury’s deliberation or decision. Since I have no knowledge about the Grand Jury’s decision, I cannot tell you why the case was no-billed.
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