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18193Fw: Another chance to hear Gordon Stevenson

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  • Greg banks
    Aug 15, 2014
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      Friends, workers and partners , our work supporting and growing  the small sustainable farm economy is more important than ever. We are the alternative, period!!
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      Subject: Fw: Another chance to hear Gordon Stevenson
      Here is DCEC-- Door County's Environmental Council's fall Presentation.  Please save the date!
                                “Is The Green Bay Dead Zone Growing”
                                                     What can you do to help?
      This is one of the issues that will be the focus of the presenter at the free annual D.C.E.C. summer program coming on September 10th.  Our featured speaker is Gordon Stevenson, former Chief of Runoff Management with the Wisconsin DNR who retired after 26 years with the department. His professional expertise includes watershed-based water resource protection and control of diffuse water pollution sources. Gordon has been instrumental in development of policies and administrative codes for the State of Wisconsin involving both agricultural and urban nonpoint source water pollution. In particular, Gordon has been an architect of Wisconsin’s environmental programs that apply to Wisconsin’s extensive livestock industry
      Proving that farmers "can cause water pollution was part of my job," Stevenson says, "Some people do not believe that yet. We did not solve all the problems while I was at the DNR. Soil loss is up by 20 percent since 1997. Half of the land that was once in the Conservation Reserve Program has been taken out."  Stevenson contends that the manure from the state's 3.4 million head of cattle (the equivalent of 60 million humans) and other animals contains enough phosphorus for growing all of the crops in the state. He notes that three-fourths of the soil samples are showing an adequate to ample reserve of phosphorus now and that nitrate levels continue to rise in the soils of the state, creating unimaginable problems with water quality.
      Stevenson cites the recent disclosure of a major dead zone for aquatic life in the bay of Green Bay for which multiple sources ­ agricultural, residential, and commercial ­ were the likely contributors of runoff nutrients and contaminants that caused that condition. Nutrients from the landscape in northeast Wisconsin and the Central Sands have been bled to the surface waters, Stevenson said. "We've hit the wall. Are we listening?"
      Gordon holds degrees in American history and engineering from the University of Wisconsin.  He is a registered professional engineer and also has significant teaching experience and is a former President of the Board of Directors of the Aldo Leopold Foundation and is on the Board of Directors of the Midwest Environmental Advocates. He and his family have a one-acre garden at their home in Black Earth, Wisconsin, and raise chickens sometimes.
      Gordon is a powerful and enthusiastic speaker and knows exactly where the blame lies for most of the environmental problems we are facing in these troubled times. Don’t miss his powerful presentation!
           Baileys  Harbor Town Hall     7:00 p.m.   Wednesday, September 10th
                                      On the corner of County F /EE and Highway 57
                          FREE Admission  - Come Early – Refreshments – FREE